Laticrete rapid range will help you fast track your projects this winter

Now is the perfect time to start on that pool project before summer hits. But for tile and stone installation, cold weather often means delays.  For most installation materials, the colder it is, the longer it will take for adhesives, grout, and other materials to set. When the temperature hits around 11°C, epoxy and cement-based materials are taking twice as long to cure. If the temperature reaches the low single digits, that’s twice as long again. So how do you ensure that your installations are staying on track and avoiding the dreaded 4x longer wait times?

LATICRETE has the perfect solution for cold weather tile and stone work. Our RAPID Installation Materials range is designed to accelerate the installation process, allowing for a faster turnaround time on your project. The materials in this range have been specially formulated to set and cure more quickly than traditional materials. From ready-to-go products to quick-set admixtures, the Laticrete RAPID range ensures that all aspects of your project, from mortar, to adhesive, to grout, are curing at rapid times despite the weather, helping your project move along quickly and avoiding delays.

And quicker work doesn’t mean that you’re seeing any trade-off in quality. LATICRETE materials are trusted worldwide for strength and durability. LATICRETE products are built to last, with complete system warranties available to ensure the peace of mind that your project will last a lifetime. With easy-to-use products and globally certified performance, enjoy a hassle-free installation with a durable, long-lasting finish. Don’t waste any time this winter, fast-track your projects using the LATICRETE RAPID range.

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