Leading Food Trade Brand, YU XUAN FOOD, Unveils Self-Brand ‘Jin Tai-ZI’ with a Strong Emphasis on International Expansion and Premium Dry Noodle Products

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TAIPEI, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — YU XUAN FOOD CO., LTD. has recently announced the launch of their in-house brand, “Jin Tai-ZI,” with a primary focus on showcasing high-quality Taiwanese food products, particularly dry noodle offerings, while actively expanding into international markets. The Jin Tai-ZI product range includes items such as white fungus beverage, various noodles, chili products, brown sugar, and traditional herbal teas, all crafted with all-natural, top-tier ingredients to ensure consumers enjoy the very best in culinary experiences.

With over three decades of experience, YU XUAN FOOD has established itself as a leading distribution and export company in Taiwan. They act as authorized distributors for various renowned domestic food manufacturers, including Yi-Mei, Uni-President, Hwa Yuan, and Want Want, to name a few. This positions YU XUAN FOOD as an ideal one-stop solution for consumers, offering a vast array of product choices in a single order.

YU XUAN FOOD‘s service portfolio encompasses domestic trade, international trade, cross-strait trade, and the supply of a wide range of shelf-stable food products. Their competitive edge lies in offering diverse product options, helping international importers explore new markets and alleviate inventory pressure. Furthermore, they pride themselves on providing end-to-end solutions, from sourcing to container shipping, labeling, container loading, delivery, and customs clearance, all of which help international importers reduce procurement costs.

Since 2016, YU XUAN FOOD has consistently expanded its business and actively sought new market opportunities. In 2011, they established a subsidiary in Xiamen, China, which marked the beginning of significant export operations, leading to a rapid expansion of their international footprint. In 2017, they introduced their proprietary brand, Jin Tai-ZI, which focuses on traditional Taiwanese noodle products such as sun-dried knife-cut noodles from Tainan and Guan Miao noodles. They also offer other products like White Fungus beverages and chili sauce, all made from premium Taiwanese agricultural products while adhering to a 30-year-old traditional crafting process to guarantee high quality and chewy textures.

One of the flagship products of the Jin Tai-ZI brand is their dry noodles. These noodles are crafted using high-quality wheat flour and traditional techniques, preserving the authentic taste and texture of Taiwanese cuisine. Notably, their production process includes a unique sun-drying step, ensuring that the noodles absorb ample sunlight and air, resulting in a pleasantly chewy that remains consistent throughout the cooking process.

Jin Tai-ZI dry noodles stand out for their excellent flavor and exceptional resistance to overcooking. Compared to regular noodles, Jin Tai-ZI dry noodles can be boiled for an extended period without becoming overly soft or clouding the soup, making them an ideal companion for flavor noodles, noodle dishes, and hot pots.

YU XUAN FOOD has effectively introduced Jin Tai-ZI dry noodles to the international market. These delectable noodles have already made their way to numerous countries and regions, including Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore, Italy, the UK, and more. Their commitment to providing end-to-end services, from sourcing to container shipping, has assisted international importers in reducing procurement costs and solidified their reputation as a trusted supplier.

The introduction of the Jin Tai-ZI brand marks a significant milestone for YU XUAN FOOD in the food trade sector. The brand will continue its strong push into the international market, offering global consumers the essence of traditional Taiwanese cuisine. Whether relishing a comforting bowl of noodle soup at home or savoring authentic Taiwanese flavors in a restaurant, Jin Tai-ZI dry noodles represent the tradition and quality of Taiwanese food, delivering a delightful culinary choice to consumers.


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