LG designs two-legged AI robot that doubles as “home manager and companion”

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Electronics brand LG has unveiled a two-legged artificial intelligence robot on wheels to help around the house, which will be presented at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

Designed as “an all-round home manager and companion rolled into one”, the AI-powered robot will do household tasks and verbally interact with users, according to LG.

“The smart home AI agent boasts robotic, AI and multi-modal technologies that enable it to move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations,” said the brand.

LG designed the AI-powered robot to help around the house

The white robot has a rounded body displaying simple animated eyes on a built-in screen and two legs with articulated joints, which are attached to wheels.

Its multi-modal technology combines voice and image recognition as well as natural language processing, while the robot can also connect with and control smart home appliances and household IoT devices.

Thanks to its integrated camera, speaker and various sensors, the robot can gather and relay real-time environmental data such as indoor air quality, temperature and humidity.

Continuously learning through AI, the robot analyses this data to provide its users with up-to-date information about their homes, according to the brand.


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Among the robot’s features is the ability to monitor pets or unattended children, act as a home security guard and conserve energy by connecting with a smart outlet and turning off unnecessary devices around the house.

The robot can also detect its users’ emotions by analysing their voice and facial expressions after greeting them by the front door.

Selecting music to suit users’ moods, assisting with transport and weather updates as well as setting personal reminders are all part of the robot’s interpersonal skills, explained LG.

“LG’s smart life solution enhances users’ daily lives and showcases the company’s commitment to realising its ‘zero labour home’ vision,” said the brand.

It has the capacity to interact with its users

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an annual technology trade show held in January in Las Vegas, where brands showcase new products.

Last year’s CES featured a range of technologies – from a pram that uses AI to push and rock itself to an electric car by Hyundai with wheels that can rotate up to 90 degrees so that it can “crab” drive sideways.

The images are courtesy of LG.

CES 2024 takes place at various locations in Las Vegas from 9 to 12 January 2024. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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