Light show illuminates luxury business district in Shanghai’s Jing’an District during Spring Festival

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SHANGHAI, Feb. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During the Spring Festival, Shanghai Jing’an established the “Sparkling 100-billion-yuan business districts, Lightening the beginning of a new year. ” The event radiated from the Nanjing Road West zone, created multiple light spots on the entire block’s landmarks, and integrated over a 100-billion-yuan-level themed consumer events and entertainment in the downtown area, connecting the beautiful festive atmosphere of “Loong Teng Jing‘an”.

The West Nanjing Road commercial hub is home to more than 2,000 famous brands worldwide, one-third of Shanghai’s high-energy first stores, and the headquarters of many world’s top brands, which is a “100-billion-yuan-level loong” in Jing’an District striving to build a world-class landmark shopping district, according to Jing’an District People’s Government.

The design team utilized AIGC generation technology to incorporate the rich folk art elements from Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhejiang and Anhui into digital New Year’s paintings, implying the auspiciousness of the New Year and the prosperity of the dragons, creating a uniquely fascinating attraction to visit.

This event placed a special emphasis on the development and innovation of the night economy. In addition to the dazzling light show, “major shopping malls have also launched a series of New Year’s featured shopping events, to achieve an effective linkage with the light SHOW”, to further stimulate market vitality and boost consumption upgrading. The first stores of major brands, trendy boutiques , and premiere activities in the West Nanjing Road zone will also take this opportunity to spring up, forming a perfect fusion of one-stop quality consumption and leisure and entertainment, and bringing an unprecedented high-quality life experience to the public.

This event is one of the important activities of “Jing’an New Year’s Shopping Season,” which is an important enhancement of the international image and regional reputation of the West Nanjing Road shopping destination, as well as an important initiative to achieve the goal of building a “100-billion-yuan-level business district.” With an open and inclusive attitude, it greets the world: “Dia, Shanghai! Hi, Jing’an!”.


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