Loft M50: From Auto Body Shop to Modern Black + White Loft in Turin

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In the heart of Turin, Italy, Loft M50 has undergone a complete transformation thanks to interior designer Paola Marè, who took an old auto body shop and turned it into an enviable modern living space. The design scheme is driven by black and white furnishings and elements that breathe new life into the space’s industrial past.

The removal of a central dividing wall, coupled with the excision of a portion of the roof, allows for a large, open floor plan to give the space its loft-like feel. With the roof section gone, an interior courtyard emerges creating a private outdoor sanctuary in the city center. The airy expanse is framed by large sliding glass doors that open up to extend the loft’s footprint while increasing the natural light that enters the space.

The natural light that passes through the skylights, windows, and courtyard sliding doors was carefully studied throughout. A lighting design plan is now implemented into each space in order to enhance the daylight and create specific moods tailored to each functional zone.

Three metal mezzanines make use of the loft’s vertical space, with one operating as the bedroom, complete with an exposed bathtub and private bathroom, the second is a lounge, and the third houses guest quarters. Two different staircases on opposite ends do away with symmetry as each one stands out for its own visual appeal. A minimalist staircase with white on the top and black underneath begins as a low console table and seating area before rising up to the lounge.

The predominant palette of the interior fluctuates between pristine white and black iron, warmed by touches of birch plywood details and Beton porcelain tile floors in a pearl color.

The third mezzanine hovers above the partially hidden galley kitchen, which is adjacent to the open dining room.

The second staircase, leading to the bedroom, is its own sculptural masterpiece made from black metal. The piece doubles as a storage shelf underneath while prominently acting as another focal point in the apartment.

Beneath the elevated platforms, lives the loft’s entryway, a walk-in closet, the main bathroom, and a study with its own entrance. A sliding wooden slat door gives the studio privacy when needed. The open slat design helps maintain a visual connection to the rest of the interior even while closed.

Photography by Jana Sebestova.

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