Luisa’s Diffused Lighting Reinvents Italian Blown Glass

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How can diffused lighting emanate from a lamp base that’s made of 360º of glass? The Luisa collection, consisting of a table lamp and suspension lamp, takes the beauty and history of traditional Italian blown glass and innovates it into something that’s modern and fresh with an aesthetic that can take on just about any style you surround it with.

Barcelona-based Gauzak Design Studio, who looked to their collective passions for glass and expert craftsmanship to bring this Mediterranean design fusion to life for Prandina, is the creative soul behind the two luminaires. It’s their artistic knowledge and influences, paired with Italian manufacturing, that have given Luisa that something special.

Both the Luisa table lamp and pendant lamp are available in two sizes, designed with far reaching versatility in mind. Further choices allow you to pick from five glass colors: Clear Crystal, Glossy White, Glossy Smoked Grey, Glory Rose Metalized Transmirror, and Silver Metalized Transmirror. There are also five available finishes of the central lighting component: choose from chrome, nickel, brass, white, or black. In this case, each of the finishes are achieved through the use of nanotechnology. You’re even able to experiment with various color temperatures to set the perfect mood – office: bright; bedroom: not so much. The designers invite you to play with a bevy of combinations to create a new story of light with Luisa for yourself.

Luisa lighting is versatile, reinventing itself with every new iteration created. The collection is also handcrafted, meaning there may be small differences in shape and finish from one lamp to the next. These changes are what bring out the best in handmade pieces, as they demonstrate a mastery of artisanal materials by the talented Gauzak Design Studio.

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