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BEIJING, Nov. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from

Since its launch, the official English website of the Luohu District Government of Shenzhen city has attracted more than 11 million views worldwide. It has been promoted through social media, special features, videos, and articles, enhancing Luohu district’s global presence. Relevant keywords, articles, and videos now rank at the top of Google’s search results.

The homepage of the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

Highlighting services and feedback functions

The English website highlights information retrieval and interactive features to assist foreign users in locating the services and information they require.

Comprising five main sections, namely “About,” “News,” “Services,” “Exploring,” and “Specials,” the website offers English content in the form of articles, special features, and videos. This allows foreigners and foreign companies to gain insights into Luohu’s policies, investment environment, and life in the district.

The services section on the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

The services section includes information on visas, transportation, education, careers, healthcare, marriage, cultural and sports facilities, and more. Website users can provide feedback at any time and apply for certain services online.

Internet users have highly praised the website, leaving comments on Facebook and submitting feedback through the website. Abdoul Ramane Diallo expressed his desire to participate in exciting cultural and sports activities in Luohu. Aaron Chee found information about Luohu’s jewelry industry and shopping malls, and commended the district’s sound business environment. Ko Shan Chow, attracted by Luohu’s economic development and high-quality educational resources, expressed a desire to relocate to Luohu.

The service handbook for Hong Kong residents in Luohu and marriage registration services on the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

In addition, an array of online brochures are available on the English website including “Services Handbook for Hong Kong Residents in Luohu,” “Luohu District Elite Talent Plan,” and “Shenzhen and Hong Kong Twin Cities Life: Luohu Marriage Registration Service Manual.” These brochures provide detailed, comprehensive, reliable, and systematic information for users.

Innovating the presentation of Luohu’s image

The Luohu District Government is innovating its communication methods to share the stories of Luohu through new channels and approaches, with the goal of showcasing the district to the rest of the world., an official website of the Chinese government, supports the English website with news reports, special features, and policy analyses. The newly introduced “Specials” section comprises a variety of special features that center on investment, the business environment, talent, and international communication within the district. These special features showcase the district’s development comprehensively in various aspects.

The news section on the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

The “News” section provides daily updates. For significant events in Luohu, the website also offers feature articles that are promoted globally. For instance, at the end of 2022, Luohu hosted the Luohu Investment Promotion Conference. A feature article about the conference was published by 264 foreign media outlets, including The New York Times, Newsweek, The Daily Mail, and The Daily Express, accumulating a total of 203 million views.

The English website has released a number of innovative videos such as, “Luohu is committed to building international blocks,” “This is Luohu in Shenzhen,” “Luohu: A fertile ground for entrepreneurship,” and “New Luohu is heading toward the future.”

The Luohu District Talent Incentives and Policies section on the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

The website also features special coverage sections, including “Luohu District Talent Incentives and Policies,” “From Luohu to the World,” and “Luohu International Block.” These themed sections present the environment and opportunities for talent development, provide practical information for foreigners residing and working in Luohu, and introduce government policies, services, and regulations related to industrial development, with the aim of attracting both domestic and foreign companies to invest in Luohu.

The From Luohu to the World section on the official English website of the Luohu District Government.

Luohu’s efforts to promote international communication and cooperation further enhance the international image and presence of Luohu district. The English website will explore new approaches to enable more people worldwide to learn about, appreciate, and enjoy life and work in Luohu.



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