Make Your Culinary Fantasies a Reality With the 48-inch Pro Range With Six Burners + Griddle

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When it comes to the kitchen, some of us are looking for a bit – alright, a lot – more firepower than others. For those who want the ultimate high-tech professional culinary experience, we invite you to explore Signature Kitchen Suite’s 48-inch Dual-Fuel Pro Range with Six Burners and Griddle. It’s everything you could dream to ask for in a range, and then some. Intuitive Smart Knobs display the heat level, temperature, and cooking time so you don’t get off track. Each cooking method is controlled by a dedicated Smart Knob featuring large, easy-to-read, illuminated numbers and a Wi-Fi timer you can monitor using the ThinQ app, in case you want to leave the room entirely to spend time with guests. Simply turn the knob to the desired temperature or burner level and rotate the LED display to set the cooking time. Signature Kitchen Suite has thought of it all in this appliance’s top-notch engineering and design.

A main feature, the sleek chromium griddle plate delivers even, consistent heat across its surface for professional results every time. It’s also incredibly durable, with a polished finish that resists scratches when you’re busy whipping up a fast meal or juggling multiple pots and pans at once. We’re already dreaming of deluxe breakfast sandwiches and perfectly seared steaks!

Take advantage of the range’s technologically advanced burner system: three Ultra-High and three Ultra-Low – that are remarkably powerful, yet incredibly precise. The black porcelain-coated brass Ultra-High burners deliver up to 23K BTUs of pure cooking power for better searing and quick stir-frying. Meanwhile, the Ultra-Low burners can create the perfect simmer, maintaining temperatures as low as 100° while you prepare delicate sauces and sugary confections to be enjoyed.

The front three burner grates can easily convert into a built-in Wok Convertible Grate to accommodate the vessel’s rounded bottom. Your stir-fried favorites will never taste better than when prepared with these profession-style results.

More gourmet results can be expected from the 18-inch Steam-Combi oven that features special cooking and steam modes. Narrow in size, the convection system cooks food quickly and evenly, while the circulating steam helps to preserve the texture, appearance, and taste of your latest culinary masterpiece. The accompanying 30-inch oven features ProHeat convection technology with a rear-wall element and fan to distribute heat to every rack, while also broiling, baking, roasting, warming, and proofing your recipes.

Once you’re ready to shine up the kitchen, the SpeedClean® function will make fast work of cleaning a lightly soiled oven by only using water. In 10 minutes, you can relax knowing there’s no mess waiting to be tackled later. For deeper cleanings, there are self-cleaning and variable self-cleaning options that can tackle larger messes.

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