Manhattan Associates Winner of ABA100® Supply Chain and Cloud Innovation Awards at Australian Business Awards, Second Year Running

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SYDNEY, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Manhattan Associates Inc. (NASDAQ: MANH) has been recignised as an innovation leader, winning two major categories at the 2023 ABA100® Australian Business Awards for a second year in a row. The company received the Supply Chain Innovation Award for its Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management solution, while also winning the Cloud Innovation Award for its Manhattan Unified Commerce Active® Omni technology.

The 2023 ABA100® Supply Chain Innovation Award highlights groundbreaking advancements in supply chain management. Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management–a core component of the Manhattan Active Supply Chain suite–has been acknowledged as the standout in its field for its cabability to dynamically adapt to operational needs and highly customisable user interface. It benefits from regular, quarterly updates, ensuring it remains updated without affecting customisations, thereby eliminating the need for traditional upgrades.

Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management employs advanced, proprietary algorithms to enhance supply chain operations, speeding up the movement of goods and information. This results in seamless inventory, workforce, and storage coordination, and ensures compliance with industry standards.

“We’re delighted to receive the ABA100® award for Supply Chain Innovation at the Australian Business Awards 2023,” stated Raghav Sibal, Managing Director, ANZ, at Manhattan Associates. “Our cloud-based solution, Manhattan Active® Warehouse Management, is at the forefront of technology, offering ongoing access to the latest features. It’s designed to scale responsively to retail sector demands, especially during peak periods. This intelligent, adaptable technology is built for expansion, integrating new innovations effortlessly.”

In addition, Manhattan Associates was honoured with the Cloud Innovation Award for its Manhattan Active® Omni technology. This award recognises cloud solutions that offer innovative solutions to business challenges.

Manhattan Active® Omni is a unified, cloud-native application revolutionising selling, engagement, and fulfilment. Unique in its adaptability and scalability, it delivers profitable omnichannel customer experiences. It combines order management, inventory, fulfilment, customer engagement, and point of sale solutions in a current, expandable platform.

A new addition this year to Manhattan Active Omni is its integration with Google Merchant Center, announced at the annual Momentum conference. This integration, leveraging Google’s Content API for shopping, enables retailers using Manhattan Active Omni to offer more precise location- and product-specific delivery times on various Google platforms, including Search, YouTube, Maps, and Discover. This capability is critical as fast shipping speeds significantly influence buyer decisions. By linking Manhattan Active Omni with Google Merchant Center, Google’s Machine Learning models utilise Manhattan’s historical shipping data to generate more accurate delivery time estimates, enhancing customer experiences and conversions.

Raghav Sibal commented, “The integration of physical and digital retail is now seamless. Today’s omnichannel retailing offers a uniform experience across all customer touchpoints. Our unified cloud-based solutions are constantly evolving, streamlining processes for our clients’ benefit.”

“We are proud that our Manhattan Active® Omni solution, now integrated with Google Merchant Center, is recognised by the Australian Business Awards for its cloud innovation. This solution is a reflection of our commitment to evolving software in the cloud, which we recognise as being essential to meeting the dynamic needs of modern retail,” concluded Raghav.

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About Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates is a technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce. We unite information across the enterprise, converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution. Our software, platform technology and unmatched experience help drive both top-line growth and bottom-line profitability for our customers.

Manhattan Associates designs, builds and delivers leading edge cloud and on-premises solutions so that across the store, through your network or from your fulfillment center, you are ready to reap the rewards of the omnichannel marketplace. For more information, please visit

About The Australian Business Awards

The Australian Business Awards are an international, all-encompassing awards program honouring organisations that demonstrate the core values of business excellence, product excellence, sustainability and commercial success in their respective industries. Conducted annually and currently in their inauguration, the Awards honour the world’s industry leaders through the acknowledgment of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success. The Awards also recognise the important social and environmental contributions made by organisations through excellence of service, commitment to their customers, philanthropic ideals, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability.


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