MasterControl Generative AI-Powered Exam Builder Beta Program Kicks Off

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Effective training programs are at the heart of quality departments. With MasterControl’s AI-powered Auto Exam Builder, quality professionals save significant time in exam creation and are able to better ensure training compliance.

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MasterControl, a leading provider of quality management and next-generation manufacturing execution software for life sciences, announced today the official kick off for a new beta program. More than 50 customers are participating in testing and providing feedback on their experience using the innovative Auto Exam Builder, the first in a robust suite of Generative AI applications from MasterControl.

With the proliferation of Generative AI capabilities across industries, including life sciences, companies are discovering endless opportunities to augment and automate manual tasks and processes. Internal processes like quality management and training management are low-risk areas to introduce productivity-enhancing AI tools like the Auto Exam Builder.

“Our AI/ML development has our customers at the core. For quality professionals in highly regulated industries in the life sciences, organizational safety and avoiding risk are top priorities,” said Sue Marchant, Chief Product Officer at MasterControl. “With the Auto Exam Builder and other capabilities we’re building now, our priority is making sure that our models are secure, are trained on the latest regulations, and that they undergo proper validation for compliance. Each capability we introduce reflects our human in the loop philosophy as well, with reviews and checks in place for our customers to ensure they are not introducing risk into their processes.”

With the Auto Exam Builder’s simple interface, users can upload a document, instantly generate questions and answers for review, and make modifications if needed, then quickly export for use in their MasterControl training module. Prior to this application, exam creation was incredibly time consuming, often resulting in users simply indicating that they have read and understood critical training content rather than having their comprehension fully tested.

A majority of our exams are Read and Understand, but that is not acceptable in my opinion. There are many examples of employees claiming to have read the procedures, but not being able to reference some of the primary functions within those procedures. Having tailor-made exams for those procedures would remedy that.”

– MasterControl beta participant customer

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