Meanwhile: You Keep Your Hands Off This Radio

It’s once again time for me to sweep this week’s inspiration, fascination, and procrastination off my desk and into your lap. These links are all yours now, do with them what you will.

— Got my mitts on Theo Inglis’ new book The Graphic Design Bible, and it looks like an essential addition to the studio reference library, sitting happily alongside his brilliant Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design.

— Given that they publish the excellent The Age of Collage books, I was a little confused by the title of Gestalten’s Collage … which isn’t about collage. Still, it looks great – showcasing outstanding female-presenting photographers who have been shortlisted or nominated for the Prix Pictet, the leading global award in photography and sustainability. The cover, with a picture by Italian photographer Yvonne de Rosa, is particularly striking.

— Dropping to my knees and doing my best Charlton Heston at the sight of Jamie Keenan’s cover for Greg Jackson’s The Dimensions of a Cave. Now there’s a cover meeting I wish I was around for.

— New animated sci-fi series Scavengers Reign look incredible. So much Moebius. The writers also cite Werner Herzog, Friedkin’s Sorcerer and 28 Days Later as influences in this Animation Obsessive interview. So many boxes ticked.

— Scientists are witnessing the birth of a new accent in Antarctica. With an international population that fluctuates seasonally between one and five thousand, it’s fascinating how all those coming-and-going voices are gradually creating something new. It’s expected something similar will happen once we settle Mars – as Jason points out, it’d be great to see the germ of this in the new season of For All Mankind.

— Noticed the other day I have a little “recommended” bit on the Meanwhile homepage, like blogroll from days of yore. A few of my favourite reads: Owen D. Pomery’s behind-the-curtains look at his illustration and comic work; Austin Kleon, who has been blogging forever; Nick Asbury’s long reads on writing, branding and purpose are always thought-provoking; Lucy Sweet’s weekly delve into the Malt Loaf Universe; Rachel Cabitt on the art of cover art.

When did Hotshoe redesign? It’s so wonderfully stark now – getting as much magazine out of the way as possible, to make way for nothing but photography.

— Listening to my studio radio like Charlie Brown.

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Photo by Rod Flores on Unsplash.

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