Media professionals from multiple countries perceive modern China in Kunming

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KUNMING, China, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a release from Yunnan XHN: The fifth World Media Summit and the second Yunnan International Communication Forum took place in Kunming, Yunnan province of China, from December 4th to 8th. During this period, media professionals from diverse countries and regions participated in activities in Kunming to enhance their understanding of modern China.

International media professionals participating the fifth World Media Summit and the second Yunnan International Communication Forum visited Kunming on Dec. 7, 2023. (Chen Xinbo)

Numerous foreign media personnel conveyed that this experience provided them with a valuable perspective for gaining deeper insights into the Chinese approach to modernization.

Early on the 7th, facing of flocks of red-billed gulls, Jose Luis Barcelo Mezquita, editor-director of El Mundo Financiero, appeared excited. “The integration of human life with nature is a wonderful sensation,” he said.

Yunnan is one of the primary centers for global floral distribution, boasting over 5,000 species of wild ornamental plants. At the Dounan Flower Market, known as the “Asian Flower Capital,” 11 billion cut flowers traded in 2022 with total value of 12.1 billion CNY, maintaining the largest Asian floral trading and distribution hub.

“It’s like a sea of flowers; I’ve never seen so many varieties before.” Upon entering the flower market, Sivanxay Siphankham, deputy director of Lao News Agency, was truly impressed.

“This should be a representation of Yunnan’s biodiversity.” According to Gianmarco Volpe, Global desk chief of Agenzia Nova, the vast variety of flowers makes Kunming and Yunnan among the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.

Before visiting China, many foreign media professionals had heard of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and found it ancient and mysterious. However, after touring Yunnan Baiyao Group, founded in 1902 and now a leader in the Chinese healthcare industry, they gained a different perspective: modernity.

Dr. Thida Tin, Director-General of Media Development Department of Myanmar Ministry of Information, said that she felt the seamless integration between tradition and modernity was “marvelous and natural”.

In the evening, the group arrived at a small fishing village in Jinning District. Unlike the rural areas they had in mind, the infrastructure here is relatively well-developed. Centered around the protection and development of Dianchi Lake, the village has also embraced emerging industries such as outdoor camping, waterfront restaurants, and artistic creation spaces.

Returning to China after six years, Barcelo gained a deeper understanding of the rural revitalization in China. He remarked, “My hometown is also a village, the development model here is quite enlightening.”



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