Meet OOO-ing Studios, the Taiwanese Hair Salon that Breaks Stereotypes of Beauty

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Located in Taichung, Taiwan, OOO-ing Studios is revolutionizing the hair salon industry. Led by the innovative trio Light Lou, May Wang, and Wesley Wei, they’re redefining beauty standards with their neon-infused, avant-garde hair designs.

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Unlike traditional hair salons, OOO-ing Studios specializes in Y2K-inspired, chaotic color mixes and artistic designs, moving beyond conventional hairstyles to offer unique, personalized expressions of individuality. Their technique, which involves using a paintbrush for dye application, elevates their work from hairstyling to art, drawing inspiration from the Ura-Harajuku style’s bold colors.

As a beacon of creativity in a culture still navigating beauty taboos, OOO-ing challenges norms and celebrates diversity in personal expression. Their work has not only garnered international acclaim but also positioned the salon as a creative hub beyond hair, collaborating with brands like Sun Buddies and advocating for the freedom of individual expression in Taiwan.


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