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XIAMEN, China, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Chinese tech company Meitu Inc, which is known for its popular image production and design tools, is committed to presenting oriental aesthetic culture to the world in a way that resonates with the preferences of the younger generation.

In August 2021, the company launched a collection of filters within its app, inspired by traditional Chinese colors. Each filter is given an elegant Chinese name, with some directly translated examples such as lotus pink, mountain green, navy blue, ink black, and hibiscus purple.

The “Traditional Colors” filter series has notably gained increasing popularity among young people in countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. Among these filters, Lotus Pink stands out as the most favored, with downloads and usage surpassing six million times, according to Wu Xinhong, founder, chairman and CEO of Meitu.

Meitu continues to drive innovation in imaging technology, seamlessly incorporating traditional Chinese cultural symbols, China’s traditional makeup styles, and the concept of China’s 24 solar terms into the designs of its camera filters. Through the digitization of imagery, Meitu strives to perpetuate and disseminate the beauty of China, narrating captivating stories that blend deep cultural heritage with a fresh and vibrant spirit to the global audience.

For instance, in March 2023, Meitu collaborated with the Dunhuang Museum to digitally interpret the beauty of Dunhuang through a series of imaging techniques. Meitu introduced filters incorporated with cultural elements of Dunhuang, capturing the colors of its unique Yadan landforms and iconic murals in the Mogao Caves. In July, Meitu invited director Shen Siyuan to shoot a short film at Dunhuang, further interpreting traditional colors and showcasing the cultural narrative of Dunhuang. In this film, dance artist Luo Tian gracefully dances amidst Dunhuang’s desert and vast landscapes. The online viewership of this short film surpassed 10 million and was featured on large screens in various overseas locations, including New York Times Square, London Leicester Square, and Tokyo Shibuya. In September, Meitu produced an original animated series titled “The Story of Dunhuang Colors,” accumulating over 1.366 million views.

Meitu has successfully established a comprehensive product lineup in overseas markets. AirBrush (an AI-powered portrait editor), BeautyPlus (the international version of BeautyCam), and Meitu (the global iteration of its original software product) stand out as key offerings for users abroad.

According to the company’s financial report for the first half of 2023, Meitu boasts approximately 173 million monthly active users domestically and around 73.69 million monthly active users internationally. The company’s official website indicates that Meitu has garnered over ten million users across 21 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, the United States, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Canada, Turkey, Russia, and South Africa. Meitu’s overseas user traffic remains consistently stable.

Almost all of Meitu’s products revolve around artificial intelligence-generated content, providing unprecedented productivity benefits through AIGC, says Wu.

In the future, Meitu will continue to leverage AI-powered tools to facilitate the digitization of traditional Chinese cultures. We will collaborate with inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and partner with renowned domestic museums to launch co-branded products, says Wu.

The initiative aims to bring Chinese traditional culture closer to the lives of young people, sparking their interest in and appreciation for our rich cultural heritage, Wu adds.


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