Mercedes-Benz unveils first branded residential skyscraper in Dubai

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Mercedes-Benz and developer Binghatti have revealed plans for a supertall skyscraper in central Dubai, which will be the car company’s first branded residential tower.

Named Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, the tower will reportedly be 341 meters high and located close to the Burj Khalifa.

The 65-storey building in the downtown district of Dubai will be car company Mercedes-Benz’s first branded residential property.

Mercedes-Benz is creating a skyscraper in Dubai

“With Mercedes-Benz Places in Dubai, we are going beyond automotive to create outstanding brand moments,” said Britta Seeger, a member of the management board for Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

“Our aim with our first branded real estate residential tower is to create new, desirable grounds that inherit our brand’s DNA and give our customers a place to arrive, unwind and come home to.”

Few details of the supertall skyscraper – buildings over 300 metres – have been announced, but renders show a sinuous tower with a curved pinnacle and facades imprinted with the Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed-star logo. It will become one of the city’s tallest buildings.

The visuals also show the skyscraper located near the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. It will contain 225 apartments along with restaurants, a gym, lounges, exhibition spaces and “VIP parking” facilities.


Five luxury residential projects designed by luxury car brands

Dubai-based developer Binghatti has begun construction and the skyscraper is set to complete in 2026.

It is the latest in a series of residential developments being created by car brands across the world. Binghatti is also creating a 42-storey skyscraper with luxury car manufacturer Bugatti in Dubai.

Along with Bugatti and Mercedes-Benz, BentleyAston Martin and Porsche are also developing residential properties.

Porsche created a 60-storey skyscraper in Miami Beach, which opened in 2017, and Bentley is creating a 61-storey skyscraper nearby. Meanwhile, Aston Martin is designing an angular black home in New York as part of its Automotive Galleries and Lairs service, which launched in 2019.

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