Mirrorboard Corp to Showcase ‘Snapby AI’ at the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) in Tokyo.

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SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mirrorboard Corp, an innovative provider of AI-powered creative solutions, announced its participation in the upcoming Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS), the largest open innovation matching event in Asia, on December 4th. The company will be showcasing its groundbreaking AI stock image service, Snapby AI, which has garnered significant traction since its global launch.

‘Snapby AI’, a next-generation AI stock image service, is poised to revolutionize the traditional stock image market by offering a vast library of over 3 million AI-generated stock images for free. To further enhance its capabilities, Snapby AI now includes a powerful text-to-image generator and a Figma Plug-in, diversifying its content across categories such as animals, objects, nature, and landscapes, catering to the varied needs of content creators.

The success of Snapby AI is evident in its rapid growth, achieving a significant milestone of 100,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU) and 50,000 registered members shortly after its launch. Driven by this momentum, Mirrorboard Corp aims to unveil another innovative system, “The Melting-Pot”, at ILS 2023. Designed to tackle the challenges faced by existing stock image providers, The Melting-Pot System is poised to reshape the current market by fostering a more equitable and collaborative environment for photographers and content creators.

The Melting-Pot System directly addresses the concerns of stock image photographers, who have faced reduced revenue sharing and involuntary use of images for AI model training since 2020. This innovative system ensures fair compensation for photographers when their images are used for training and content generation, creating a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem in the era of AI-generated images.  

Moon Haechan, co-founder of Mirrorboard, expressed the company’s commitment to fostering more opportunities for creators and artists. “We are dedicated to establishing a more accessible, reliable, and ethical AI ecosystem where unauthorized license usage is eliminated. In response to concerns about job loss due to recent generative AI innovations, we are committed to creating a more equitable and transparent environment for all stakeholders.”

Mirrorboard Corp invites attendees at the ILS to explore the exciting world of Snapby AI and witness the transformative impact of ‘The Melting-Pot’ System.

In 2023, Mirrorboard Corp was selected as a member company of the Global Digital Innovation Network foundation (formerly known as Born2Global Centre) and has benefited from various supportive programs. 

For more information, visit the website https://snapby.ai 



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