Modern Glass Wall Art

Modern glass wall art is sophisticated, beautiful and bang on-trend. A rising trend in interior design, many homes across the globe boast glass art on their walls. The desire for hand made glass art has driven the rise in popularity for unique glass wall art.

Remarkable glass wall art makes a huge visual statement in any space. A key factor to the beauty underlying glass wall art is the way light is captured and then reflected and refracted around the room. Therefore, a different view and/or feeling of the artwork can be experienced as light changes over the day.

Colorful Modern Glass Wall Art at Boha

There are many incredibly talented glass artists in existence today, creating sublime glass wall art. It’s not possible to mention them all here. We are very proud to represent some amazing glass artists, so below you can read about some of these artists and their amazing glass wall art.

Amanda Charles

Amanda Charles began her stellar glass journey by training in ceramics and glass at the University of Hertfordshire. She became fascinated by the versatility of glass and the amazing number of ways to create beautiful art with kiln-formed glass. Precise heat control enables her to stack opalescent, transparent and dichroic glass. This creates vibrancy, geometry and very tactile 3D texture. It almost invites the viewer to reach out and touch the art.

Layers of glass complement or contrast with each other to create a wonderful divergence between light absorption and reflection in intricate detail and pattern. Amanda’s modern glass wall art pays homage to the simplicity of Bauhaus Modernism and the complexity of non-representational Abstract Expressionism.

Her artistic style and technique are constantly evolving as she continues to experiment with the marvellous medium of glass.

Amanda’s glass art comes with a stand to enable you to have it as a glass centrepiece or, of course, you can hang it as wall art.

Adam Hussain

Adam Hussain’ modern glass wall art is award-winning. Specialising in kiln-form techniques, Adam creates one-off pieces, which have a handmade character. His glass art features geometric patterns and abstract imagery of cityscapes constructed with 1mm glass stringers. The relationship between glass, light and space is a key element of his practice. Using both transparent and opaque glass he experiments with the transmitted and reflective light created by each artwork.

Much of Adam’s work starts from his black and white photography of modern architecture and cityscapes. These research studies inform his glass artwork. The works of modern painters such as Mondrian and Rothko for their use of bold and vivid colours are an inspiration for Adam. A fusion of all these factors results in the final abstract nature of his art.

Dreya Bennet

The sea and its different moods inspire Dreya Bennet glass art. Dreya’s fascination for the sea and water, in general, began with the swimming pools and the sea in Africa. Her love of water intensified on return to Cornwall; seeing its beautiful beaches and the crashing Atlantic surf of the Cornish Coastline.

Glasswork came into Dreya’s life by accident while studying at Falmouth art college.  She instantly fell in love with the look and the process of working with glass. This led to a specialising in Architectural Stained Glass at Swansea.

The colour of glass, its reflections and translucent quality instantly captured my heart. Glass has a similar quality to water. It is enigmatic, you can look at it or through it. It is there and not there and can create a potent visual effect, either opulent or subtle.” said Dreya

Nour Huda

Nour El Huda Awad began her art career by Studying Fine Art Painting in Cheltenham. After graduating, she went on to pursue her interest in Architectural Stained Glass.  In 2004, she gained a Masters Degree in Glass, from the University of Wales in Swansea.

Nour El Huda translates as, Light of Guidance, in Arabic, pertaining to light and colour.  A name that is so true of Hudas work. Inspired by nature, colour and the traditional patterns of Islamic art, Huda delights with her skill and precision.  Formulating sacred geometry, Kufic (Ancient Arabic) lettering, intricate Islamic patterns and her own signature visualisation into a glass masterpiece. 

Huda’s love of colour enriches her work. The most astonishing fact to learn about Huda is she does everything by hand, which requires a great deal of patience and dedication.

Private collections in France, USA, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi house her amazing glass wall artwork

Sea On Glass

Sea On Glass is the brainchild of British artists, Anna & Lesley, who have been working successfully together for over 10 years. These resourceful and inventive artists specialise in creating pictures of images using recycled sea glass.

Lesley and Anne are passionate about recycling and the environment. They work incredibly hard, scouring the beaches for discarded glass pieces to create inspirational art.

Iconic British imagery, architecture and animals inspire their wide range of unique artwork. There is nothing quite like them out there!

Anne and Lesley’s artwork is incredibly popular and selling fast and across the globe!

Wendy Newhofer

Wendy Newhofer began her career with an Art Foundation course. It was there she first encountered kiln-formed glass and was immediately captivated by the process.

The next few years were spent studying for a part-time Fine Arts degree before deciding to concentrate on glass art. A 3D glass course in London over three years gave her the skills and experience to set up a studio at her home in Oxford.

Wendy’s expressive art has a ‘painterly’ quality to them.  She creates soft subtle colours in her glass wall art by layering metallic foils between two sheets of float glass. The metals enter the kiln shiny but come out in the soft soothing shades we see here – a bit like alchemy in reverse. Her love of pattern informs her work. In addition, natural forms have been a strong influence in her work.

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