Moldova Fortifies Digital Defenses with New Cybersecurity Agency and Cybecor Institute

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CHISINAU, Moldova, Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Fueling its digital revolution, Moldova unveils two key institutions dedicated to cybersecurity: the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANC) and the National Institute of Innovations in Cybersecurity “Cybercor.” Launched during the inaugural Moldova Cybersecurity Forum (MCF) on February 9th, these initiatives solidify the country’s commitment to building a secure and resilient digital future.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Economic Development and Digitalization, Dumitru Alaiba announcing the launch of the Moldova’s Cyber Security Agency.


“We need a secure economy, and with the digitalization process, it is imperative to have institutions that ensure a high level of resilience. These two new institutions will play a key role in strengthening the country’s cybersecurity,” stated Dumitru Alaiba, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization.

Moldova’s proactive approach stems from its unique geopolitical position and the rising global cyber threat landscape. The 2023 Cybersecurity Law serves as a cornerstone, aligning the country with EU standards and establishing a structured, effective approach to counter cyberattacks.

The ANC embodies this proactive stance, actively protecting critical infrastructure, government systems, and citizens from cyber threats. Cybercor, on the other hand, focuses on cultivating future cybersecurity talent through innovative education programs, equipping students and civil servants with vital skills.

Moldova’s commitment extends beyond national borders. Active participation in regional and international cybersecurity initiatives fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing. The MCF, with over 800 participants and more than 40 speakers from around world, serves as a testament to this collaborative spirit.

These strategic moves position Moldova as a leader in digital security, attracting individuals and businesses seeking a safe and secure digital environment. By prioritizing cybersecurity investments and collaboration, Moldova paves the way for a prosperous and resilient digital future, setting an example for other nations navigating the digital age.



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