mybest Expands Horizons: Japan’s Leading Product Recommendation Service to Test and Review US Products this Black Friday

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mybest Simplifies Black Friday Shopping with Comprehensive Product Testing and Reviews

TOKYO, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — mybest, Japan’s leading product recommendation service, is gearing up to expand its global footprint ahead of Black Friday. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing consumers’ lives and simplifying their shopping experience, mybest ensures that customers can always make the most informed choices.

When it comes to testing, mybest quantifies and compares even the smallest details among popular products.

Boasting an impressive 30 million monthly unique users in Japan and a strong presence in eight other countries and regions, mybest is the trusted go-to source for top-quality product recommendations.

Every product destined for the Japanese market is meticulously imported and undergoes rigorous scrutiny at mybest’s in-house testing facilities. This scrutiny covers essential aspects like key features, price performance, ease of use, and other product-specific factors, all viewed through the lens of scientific analysis.

As mybest embarks on its US expansion, consumers can anticipate an unparalleled shopping experience that promises a selection of top-notch products meticulously curated to their unique needs.

mybest’s Comprehensive Testing: 37 Vacuum Cleaners, 18 Manufacturers

mybest is committed to precision in the testing and review of canister vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuums. mybest’s meticulously designed and monitored evaluation methods rigorously evaluate key factors such as powerful and effective suction on hard floors and tile surfaces, suction performance and efficiency on both low and high-pile carpets, ease of use, extended battery life, high functionality and minimal to zero noise levels.

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Shown here are some of the canister vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuums, and other products that mybest has tested for suction power, ease of use, low noise, and other essential criteria.

Consider Enhancing Your Article with mybest’s Thoroughly Tested Product Recommendations to Aid Your Readers in Making Informed Choices this Black Friday

Within its first year of operation, mybest meticulously acquired and evaluated an impressive array of 1,254 products. As Black Friday approaches, the platform is gearing up to provide reviews of popular products, such as bone conduction earphones, sous vide cookers, drawing tablets, gaming headsets, and more. As a result, a surge of exciting product reviews can be expected soon!

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mybest’s thoroughly tested product reviews seamlessly integrate into other articles and websites to enhance readers’ shopping experiences.

Incorporating these reviews is straightforward: no application is necessary to quote articles or reproduce images, and access to the mybest website is free of charge. The use of mybest’s reviews should include a provided link to the relevant article when citing reviews or using images. Additionally, the mybest team is pleased to provide the original images featured on the website upon request.

The team at mybest is dedicated to enriching all readers’ shopping experiences this Black Friday, no matter the publication. Authors and publishers are encouraged to quote mybest’s reviews in their blogs and articles to provide their readers with valuable insights as they make their purchases this holiday shopping season.

About mybest
Helping you find the best: our commitment to offering the best selection experience as mybest (, the leading product recommendation service.

Established in 2016, mybest boasts over 30 million monthly unique users in Japan. It has rapidly expanded into a venture with operations in eight countries and regions, including the United States. mybest’s foundation rests on its carefully developed recommendations based on rigorous in-house testing and impartial selection criteria backed by expert insight. The company is dedicated to achieving personalized selection experiences by fusing its extensive product database with user information.

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