NaaS Digital Energy Solutions Launch at CIIE 2023

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BEIJING, Nov. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On November 5th, at the sixth China International Import Expo (CIIE), Sinopower HK and its parent company NaaS (NASDAQ: NAAS), the first U.S. listed EV charging service company in China, hogged the limelight. The Company showcased their contribution to upgrading global new energy service industry by unveiling cutting-edge digital energy solutions, including energy storage systems, charging robots, PV solutions, exported product testing and certification and other innovation-driven products and services.

One of NaaS exhibits, AIpack liquid-cooled energy storage system for industrial/commercial use, captured extensive attention and universal acclaim in the industry, by virtue of simple yet presentable appearance and practicality with utmost safety.

The AIpack system, designed under “All-in-One” notion, is an integration of PACK level fire extinguishing, AI-based smart operation & maintenance, level 3 protection and a host of other protective systems. Accredited by the Ministry of Emergency Management for fire protection, it ensures utmost safety while putting into practice integrated management. The product runs with high efficiency and stability, with more than 8,000 cycles in life of over 15 years and wide temperature range of -25°C~55°C. With BMS, EMS and display control integrated in design, it enables multi-strategy execution for smart management including cloud-edge coordination, fine algorithm management, etc.

In addition, AIpack may, together with charging piles and PV systems, be part of integrated PV-storage-charging solution, which comes as a better energy management alternative to partners. Take energy storage in charging stations for instance. The built-in Energy Management System (EMS) can tailor energy storage and operation strategies for stations. For example, peak clipping and valley filling is intended to realize peak load shifting and help energy storage device vendors lower costs while increasing income.

Likewise, NaaS’ autonomous charging robot is buzz-worthy at the expo. Built on deep learning, V2X, 3D vision and other intelligent technologies, the product marks a groundbreaking milestone and achievement. It has recently been awarded “2023 China Auto Supply Chain Innovation Outcome” by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Leveraging advanced image recognition, autonomous driving, location and control algorithms, mechanical arm trajectory planning, and other technologies, NaaS’ autonomous charging robot enables millimeter-level testing accuracy of charging state recognition, as well as independent route planning, vehicle control, automated obstacle avoidance. In a word, it’s the best cure for accurate recognition and location of charging ports in complex environment, as well as smooth control of plugging/unplugging mechanical arm.

NaaS and its affiliate Sinopower HK together provide a whole package of services integrating charging pile procurement and construction, distributed PV laying, and energy storage facility construction, including planning & design, EPC, operation & maintenance, and other service facilities. Sinopower HK has a track record of more than 600 completed solar power station projects in Hong Kong, including large photovoltaic projects for HKEX, terminal building in the third runway of Hong Kong International Airport, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Knowfx, COSCO Container Terminal and Hong Kong Times Square in Causeway Bay, etc.

In charging sector, NaaS has set in place a charging pile product matrix across all categories and scenarios, covering various charging piles, e.g., AC slow charging piles, general fast charging piles or high-power fast charging piles. With connectivity between systems and channels, it forms a universal network that connects thousands of chargers. Other CIIE exhibits, such as 7kW/11kW/22kW wall-mounted AC piles and 180kW DCFC piles, are pitched at offshore markets.

Additionally, CCICNL, a subsidiary of NewLink, puts exported product testing and certification solutions on display. Resting on CCIC, it now houses 500+ laboratories worldwide and agrees with 22 international certification organizations to recognize the validity of certificates issued by each other. It has brought “one international test recognized by multiple countries” to a reality by providing consulting, evaluation, testing and certification services regarding supply chain safety and product access to global market and carbon neutrality of gas stations, charging stations and gas-charging stations.

In recent years, the surge in the number of EVs has increased grid burden and necessitated “integrated PV-storage-charging” solution to EV charging. In September, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, along with other six government agencies, proposed to improve infrastructure construction and operation, encourage “integrated PV-storage-charging-discharging” station construction, and boost application and promotion of smart managed charging and other new technologies, in the Work Plan for Stabilizing Growth in Automotive Industry (2023-2024), in order to strengthen the capacity to support charging services.

As an international new energy asset operator, NaaS serves to increase industrial efficiency by leverage of digital technologies and AI. It provides one-stop services, from charging station siting consultation, software/hardware procurement, EPC, operation & maintenance, energy storage, PV to autonomous charging robot inclusive, to charging pile manufacturers, operators, OEMs and enterprises.

As of September 30, 2023, NaaS has connected over 767,000 chargers, covering over 73,000 charging stations; the charging volume in the third quarter of 2023 represented 21.8% of the public charging volume in China.

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