NCS Colour launches new Standard colours for first time since 2004

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Promotion: colour communication brand NCS Colour has updated its NCS System with 100 low chromatic colours to offer users pale pastel colours and hues that aim to evoke the Nordic light.

The new Standard colour range is developed for interior, exterior and product design projects where these colours are frequently used, according to NCS Colour.

The colour groups include White Delight

The colours have been divided into four groups, including White Delight, a collection of pastel colours. These are tinted colours that have a slight chromaticness – a combination of a colour’s hue and saturation.

NCS Colour also launched the Blackish Elegance collection of “modern, dark colours” that it says can be used to emphasise lighter and more chromatic details, and Great Greys, which features toned-down greige nuances between beige and grey.

Nordic Midtones references Nordic light

The final colour group, Nordic Midtones, aims to evoke “the famous Nordic light”, the brand said.

It focuses on colours that NCS Colour says are frequently used in Nordic design and includes hues that are both a bit darker and more colourful than those in the other groups.

It is the first time in almost twenty years that the colour chart has been updated, taking the number of Standard colours from 1950 to 2050.

Blackish Delight is among the new colour groups

According to the company, the low chromatic colours are the most commonly used in NCS.

The newly added ones were created by NCS Colour together with an international community of designers and architects, and aim to offer more choices to users.

“The low chromatic colours are a constant in our top list regarding the most popular colours,” NCS Colour product manager Ingela Koski-Vähälä said. “We have seen over the years how important these colours are.”

“They are frequently used in our colour development projects with the decorative paint industry, kitchen brands, home appliance, automotive industry et cetera, and recurrently top the list of most requested colours by the design community,” she added.

The final colour range is called Great Greys

The company added low-chromatic colours to make the Natural Colour System more extensive and inspirational.

As well as adding new colours to its Standard colours, the company also updated its design tools that use colour samples from the NCS Standard range, including NCS Index, NCS Atlas, NCS Block, NCS Album and NCS Box.

“We take pride in constantly working to improve the Natural Colour System and its physical and digital representations,” NCS Colour CEO Elin Askfelt said.

“Adding 100 new Standard colours is an important milestone for us.”

To view more about NCS Colour, visit its website.

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