Next-Gen Apple Watch Feature Just Got Delayed Until 2025

Back in January, we learned via analyst Jeff Pu that Apple has plans to debut an Apple Watch Ultra with a larger/MicroLED display in 2024 – and even Bloomberg’s very own Mark Gurman confirmed those plans!

Turns out plans change, and larger MicroLED displays on Apple Watch are being pushed back a year or more. Let’s talk about it.

New Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED Display Coming 2024

In a tweet from “the display guy”, Ross Young, we’ve sadly learned that those plans for a MicroLED display rollout for Apple Watch are just not in the cards for Apple in 2024.

Ross tweets that the plans for Apple Watch’s MicroLED display have been pushed to 2025 at the earliest… which is not great news.

Moreover, a larger issue is that Apple’s plan to rollout MicroLED tech to Apple Watch is just a stepping stone to the grander plan of full iPhone adoption of the display technology.

So a delay in Apple Watch MicroLED tech is a delay in iPhone MicroLED tech. How sad.

Hey, at least we have some cool new iPhone 15 Pro features to look forward t- oh those got delayed as well… okay then.

iPhone 15 Pro’s New Buttons DELAYED

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