Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept Is a Weekend Warrior’s Dream Machine

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Prior to the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, Japanese auto brand Nissan dropped a peek of a sharply-sculpted Hyper Adventure 4×4 digital concept, a large-capacity battery on four wheels designed for “people passionate about outdoor adventures and an eco-friendly lifestyle” and outfitted it with its very own set of retractable steps that leads up to an adventurer’s loveseat for two inside its futuristic confines.

Nissan’s designers integrated the roof and side windows and the flush surface of the rear end to improve aerodynamics of their sport SUV EV. The pixelated wheels and front and rear bumpers are additionally outfitted with snow gear to improve traction.

Nissan has been struggling to carve out a greater piece of the automotive pie for several years now, thus it behooves the auto brand to start taking more risks if they have any hopes to reconnect with buyers already tempted by the increasing models defining the EV segment (and if this concept and the Nissan Hyper Tourer, they’re certainly game). And the Hyper Adventure’s aggressively angular and aerodynamic exterior does promote a more tech-forward approach to their next generation of models. Most conspicuous is a side profile expressed by the Hyper Adventure’s nearly 45-degree diagonal door cutouts that appears as much sliced as designed.

The interior takes advantage of an EV platform’s skateboard-style platform, maximizing cargo space for hauling outdoor gear such as tents, skis, or even a kayak.

In addition to expressing movement even at a standstill, the Hyper Adventure’s exterior accentuates the vehicle’s spacious and very sensuously illuminated cabin within. The instrument panel connects to the bottom of the windshield, serving as a screen with a wide field of view, helping create the perception the body of the vehicle as transparent; the integration of a yoke steering wheel paired with a continuation of aggressive angles across the dash all the way back into the rear bench seat is additionally emphasized by ambient lighting, evoking a Cyberpunk 2077 atmosphere.

The wildest exploratory feature that we definitely will not be seeing is the Hyper Adventure’s rear bench seat, a modernist loveseat designed to rotate 180 degrees on an axle, giving those tired from aforementioned adventuring a comfortable place to rest when returning from a day’s venture. That is, once they ascend three more steps engineered to automatically extend out and downward.

Nissan says the Hyper Adventure Concept is to include a “large-capacity battery,” but being a concept, specifics about its actual capacity is kept nebulous. The concept is envisioned to ease the hardships of adventuring, operating with V2X (vehicle-to-everything) capabilities: powering up outdoor accessories, campsite lights, or even recharging electric jet skis. Back at home, Nissan imagines the SUV adding power back into homes (V2H) or a contributing surplus power back into the grid (V2G).

The Nissan Hyper Adventure concept is certainly not intended for production and will only be displayed at the Japan Mobility Show digitally rather than as a physical show model. But expect to see certain elements of the Hyper Adventure concept make their way into future iterations of the similarly sized Nissan Rogue or maybe even the more upscale Ariya.

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