Nostalgia, Fun, and Impact Come Together in Zanco

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The vivacious presentation of Zanco, a new variable display typeface by In-House Int’l, instantly drew us in. Perhaps our minds are still at the circus, coming off our just-released 2024 Typography Report. You could almost mistake the typeface’s “A” for a stilt-walker (and that’s indeed where Zanco gets its name). Maybe our eyes crave the nostalgic comfort served up by Zanco’s Scooby Doo-meets-Schoolhouse Rock vibes.

Designed by Alexander Wright and developed by Rodrigo Fuenzalida, Zanco is described by its creators as “a celebration of delicious contrasts.” Extreme verticals meet soft curves and funky weight distribution—serving up an impactful display font that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

There’s also the climate-optimism jumping from the type samples. We love that the foundry team created an irreverent campaign for an imagined climate conference, asking us to “embrace action with joyful determination.” Zanco gets the point across without condescension.

The letterforms range from lanky to heavy; the bottom halves resemble glam platform shoes. Fans of Art Nouveau will appreciate the skinny ascenders and the varied curvature of the counters and symbols. Zanco works on a range of projects, from logomarks to packaging to motion. We love it for billboards and poster designs, where you want the type to speak as loudly as the message.

In-House Int’l studio foundry, part of the Austin, Texas-and-Barcelona, Spain-based creative agency In-House International, has graced our Type Tuesday column before with Brinca.

Learn more about Zanco, the Foundry, and In-House International.

Creative & production: Michu Benaim Steiner, Alexander Wright, Luis Carlos Redondo.

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