Nothing Apparel’s Labcoat Wears Its 1970s IBM Factory Floor Inspiration Transparently

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Pardon the pun, but is there nothing British consumer electronics company Nothing won’t explore designing? Everything the minimalist mobile device, earbud, and shockingly affordable smartwatch maker designs revolves around the theme of transparency, and now we can include fashion amongst the brand’s efforts to create a whole lifestyle behind the concept of nothingness.

Designed in collaboration with Swedish consumer electronics cool kids brand, teenage engineering, Nothing Apparel’s wardrobe launches with a minimal collection of caps, backpacks, coats, tracksuits, and other fashionable expressions of Nothing’s founding design principle of transparency.

If Kendall Roy went full-on Silicon Valley, he might very well be caught wearing Nothing.

Nothing Apparel’s first foray into fashion arrives as a semi-transparent Labcoat joined alongside a matching Transparent Cap, each inspired by the clean room aesthetic of the 1970s-era IBM factory floor.

The brand followed up the collection’s Dover Street Market, London preview with an official inaugural apparel drop earlier this month at the Nothing Store Soho and online, with additional pieces in the pipeline for a TBD 2024 launch.

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