ODDICT TWIG 2’s Near Seamless Aluminum Case Wins Grand Prize

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Korean brand ODDICT (now confusingly concurrently branded as Phiaton) won accolades and our attention with their aluminum sheathed minimalist approach to wireless audio in the form of the TWIG and TWIG PRO wireless earbuds. While not yet officially announced, the company’s upcoming sequel, the TWIG 2 appeared on our radar upon being awarded the annual K Design Awards Grand Prize.

The true wireless stereo headphones case is a cipher when closed, with a near seamless closed fit across its diameter.

TWIG 2’s seamless form is realized primarily in aluminum and applied across both earbuds and case to differentiate it from standard oblong/rounded corner rectangle case designs.

TWIG 2 takes a very similar route as its two predecessors, subtracting unnecessary details for an almost impenetrably minimalist design. Where those previous earbud cases unlatched from the top to reveal its pair of stem-based earbuds, the new design’s front lid opens in entirety similar to a makeup powder case.

Inside, a gently sculpted indent invites each earbud a place for storage and recharging between listening sessions.

Inherently durable and resistant to stains, aluminum is applied across the TWIG 2’s most frequently touched surfaces. The material’s lightweight characteristics also add to the design’s portability.

Anticipated for global release in 2024, there’s no word yet of pricing nor the exact specs attached to these ANC wireless earbuds, but it’s likely they will be outfitted with digital hybrid noise cancellation, multiple mics to improve ambient noise blocking, IPX4 water resistance, playback personalization, and quick recharging similar to – if not better – than the current $150 TWIG PRO.

* Apparently the “K” stands for “kudos,” not “Korea,” as one might assume of the Korean-hosted jury competition.

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