OLI Systems Announces Strategic Operational Changes to Enhance Client Relations in Japan

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PARSIPPANY, N.J., March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — OLI Systems has announced a significant change in its operational model in Japan with a strategic move to bolster client services. For 25 years, OLI has successfully collaborated with Simulation Technology Ltd. (“SimTech”), a pivotal partnership that has been instrumental in delivering tailored services and solutions to OLI’s Japanese clients. As of March 22nd, 2024, OLI will shift from this sales agent model to a direct approach in Japan.

Masaru Marui- OLI Systems Business Development Director

This transition, made in collaborative agreement with SimTech, is designed to minimize any disruption to clients. OLI emphasizes that the decision was made in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation with SimTech, with a focus on ensuring continuity and enhanced service quality for clients.

This operational shift at OLI aligns with their groundbreaking journey at the forefront of process design. OLI is pioneering in fields like oil and gas, chemical and wastewater industries, as well as focusing their efforts on sustainable practices for critical materials and exploring new technologies in CCUS and Geothermal energy. This is powered by collaborative efforts with industry consortiums, government bodies and innovative startups.

In line with its commitment to the Japanese market, OLI is pleased to introduce Masaru Marui as the new Tokyo-based sales director. Marui will serve as the primary contact for OLI in Japan.

OLI’s continuous investment in signature global research programs, designed to meet local industrial needs, has influenced our ability to help users overcome challenges in decarbonization and aid the energy transition. This investment is demonstrated by our deep understanding of the critical materials space, enabling OLI to contribute significantly to sustainable practices and renewable energy advancements.

OLI is dedicated to maintaining and strengthening its client relationships with cutting-edge chemistry and innovative solutions and looks forward to achieving greater milestones together in the future.

About OLI Systems

For over five decades, OLI Systems has been a pioneer and established global leader in water chemistry and its applications in industrial processes by delivering comprehensive process modeling and intelligent simulation insights for chemical processes that enhance operational efficiency and engineering productivity. OLI Systems is building strategic global partnerships to accelerate the industrial digital transformation by combining accurate process model insights with existing plant analytics, calibrating process performance and providing expert consulting services. Visit olisystems.com or follow OLI on LinkedIn.

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