Oscillation rug by David Mrugala for Azmas Rugs

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Dezeen Showroom: the algorithmic design of German architect, educator and artist David Mrugala features in the design of the Oscillation rug, created by Indian brand Azmas Rugs.

The Oscillation rug features an evolving pattern of rectangles that grow taller as they reach the centre of the rug and shorter again as they near the other edge. The evolving shapes are matched to an evolving colour palette that is similarly symmetrical.

The Oscillating rug is based on a mathematical representation of a wave

The Oscillation Rug is based on a design by Mrugala using a wave function, a mathematical way of representing a wave.

It is part of Azmas Rugs’ Tessellations collection, which explores evolving patterns generated in a cross between art and mathematics, and features work by influential artists in this space.

The rectangles in the pattern change shape and colour

“The goal is to develop textiles that evoke texture, movement and decorate spaces with simple lines,” said Azmas Rugs.

The Oscillation Rug is pictured in blue but can also be ordered in other colours. It is a flatweave rug style handwoven in Rajasthan, India and measures 1.5 by 2.1 metres.

Product: Oscillation
Designer: David Mrugala
Brand: Azmas Rugs
Contact: azmasrugs@gmail.com

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