Passo & Passeio: A Typeface Duo Inspired By the Rhythms of Life

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Life is ebb and flow. Passo and Passeio, two new typefaces from Brazillian typographic studio Fabio Haag Type, embody this fluctuation: between work and play, precision and flexibility, action and rest. Vazante e fluxo, in Portuguese.

Led by Ana Laydner, the design team of Henrique Beier, Eduilson Coan, and Fabio Haag found their typeface inspiration in the rhythms of life.

Monolinear and low contrast, Passo is practical and efficient. Passo’s charm is in its routine, checking things off your to-do list. We loved this quote from the design team: “Passo will help you solve challenges without raising existential questions.”

They are opposite but not antagonistic. Passo and Passeio can be combined to reflect the roller coaster that is life.

Fabio Haag, founder of Fabio Haag Type

Passeio has more nuance. It’s softer, with medium contrast and elegant serifs to attract attention. If Passo is about our work lives, Passeio signifies the weekend, traveling somewhere new, spontaneous joy. Passeio is voice to Passo’s efficient precision.

Passo and Passeio share the vertical metric, born from the same construction. Use the typefaces separately or together in conversation.

Both typefaces come in eight weights and two styles, with language support for 290 Latin scripts. To learn more, test, and buy Passo and Passeio, visit

Fabio Haag Type’s external partners at Valkiria Studio provided images and graphic design.

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