Peace Is an Outdoor Chair Designed to Stay Put for Generations

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Some people employ a “the more, the merrier” philosophy when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors, seeking community and social connection with nature as the backdrop. There are others who prefer to connect with the landscape in solitude, save for the wildlife that live there. If you fall in the latter camp, designer Faye Toogood and Finnish company Vaarnii have just the chair for you – the Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair. With an accompanying footstool, the set is designed to withstand years of weather and come-and-go trends.

The Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair is inspired by Toogood’s rural childhood where unruly landscapes were the common setting. The generous and exaggerated scale of the chair is a visual indicator of its weight. It is quite heavy, and for a purpose. Unlike other outdoor furniture that can be easily moved to accommodate different seating arrangements, the Peace Outdoor Lounge Chair is designed to stay put. “It is for rest, reading, contemplation, solitary pursuits more than social gathering,” Toogood explains. Once the chair has been positioned, the idea is that it stays there permanently as somewhere you can depend on as a place of retreat.

The chair and footstool are made of Finnish pine that goes through Vaarnii’s innovative heat treatment to ensure the set’s durability and longevity. Referencing classic garden furniture, Toogood rounded the edges of the large planks of wood to soften the weighty furniture, a detail that becomes the set’s defining feature. Made to last for generations to come, the Peace chair provides more than just a seat. Instead, it offers the genuine peace that comes with time spent outdoors.

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