Photographer Made Action Shots Of Miniature Pop-Culture Character Figurines And Various Drinks

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Andrea has been engaged in photography since her teenage years, exploring various genres such as nature, astro, landscape, and city photography. Around May 2020, she noticed she hadn’t used her camera for several months. During this period, to stay occupied, she rekindled her childhood passion for Lego. After assembling a few sets, she decided to photograph them.

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Being an avid Star Wars enthusiast with a collection of figures, she soon began using them as models for her photography. Unbeknownst to her, a vibrant toy photography community existed on Instagram, and nearly four years later, toy photography became her primary hobby.

Throughout her journey, she experimented with numerous concepts, including the integration of toys with various beverages, from cups of tea to cans of beer, achieving all the splash effects practically. She hopes others find as much joy in viewing her photos as she did in capturing them.


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