Pizza Hut Indonesia Unveils the Cheesy Marvel with Hokkaido Cheese Edition

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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pizza Hut Indonesia, the country’s pizza pioneer, launched their latest innovative menu, the Hokkaido Cheese Edition. Underscoring Pizza Hut Indonesia’s commitment to bringing differentiated dining experiences to pizza lovers across Indonesia, the new Hokkaido Cheese Edition introduces Hokkaido cheese as a new variant pairing in the brand’s menu.

Jakarta (11/15), Hokkaido Chizu Edition, Pizza Hut Indonesia’s newest menu is ready to pamper the palate of cheese lovers in the country. Blending Japanese flavours with tender Nanban chicken topping, and delicious Hokkaido cheese will deliver a memorable experience for pizza lovers.

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The star of the new menu is the Chicken Nanban Pizza topping, featuring succulent chicken karage with nanban and tartar sauce on Pizza Hut Indonesia’s iconic Hokkaido cheese-filled crust topped with parmesan cheese. These bite-sized morsels of cheese add a burst of rich creaminess with every mouthful, meticulously crafted to elevate your pizza indulgence. “We are excited to present the Hokkaido Cheese Edition, tapping into the growing trend of culinary consumers’ love for Hokkaido cheese. The relentless pursuit of culinary innovation is at the heart of Pizza Hut Indonesia and the Hokkaido Cheese Edition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and meeting the evolving tastes of our customers. The infusion of Hokkaido parmesan cheese in our crusts adds a creamy and luxurious dimension to our pizzas, setting us apart as pioneers in the industry as well as our way of leading the charge. The crispness and cheese-filled softness provides the perfect complement to the juicy chicken Nanban topping, for a pizza experience like no other,” said Boy Lukito, Director of Operations of Pizza Hut Indonesia.

In addition to the Chicken Nanban Pizza, Pizza Hut Indonesia’s Hokkaido Cheese Edition includes a range of Melts Cheese Overload with Hokkaido Cheese, Chicken Nanban Donburi, and special combo deals Comboishii for customers to enjoy the creamy and smooth Hokkaido parmesan cheese across menu categories. Special combo deals bundle customer’s favorite toppings (Meat Lovers or Super Supreme) with the cheesy Hokkaido Parmesan Crust to create customized flavor pairings.

The Hokkaido Cheese Edition is available starting at USD $3 for the rice bowl menu and USD $4 for the Comboishii special combo menu. For the dine-in experience, customers can enjoy a bundle of personal-sized pizza with beverage, and for the takeaway delivery option, customers could indulge in an a la carte regular pizza with appetizer of choice, and a special gift from Hochichan.

The launch of the Hokkaido Cheese Edition is marked by the introduction of the irresistibly cute and oishii Hochichan (Hokkaido Chizu Chan) mascot on Sunday, November 12th, 2023. Hochichan made appearances during Car Free Day happening concurrently across 8 cities–Jakarta, Bogor, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Palembang, Balikpapan, and Makassar. In these events, under the scorching sun, the charming Hochichan distributed refreshing watermelon juices and Hokkaido Chizu Pizza coupons to the Car Free Day participants.

Pizza Hut Indonesia also recently demonstrated its commitment to humanitarian causes in conflict area by making a generous donation of US$62,000 through the Indonesian Red Cross Society (PMI). This contribution reflects Pizza Hut Indonesia’s dedication to making a positive impact beyond the culinary sphere, aligning with its ethos of social responsibility.

About Pizza Hut Indonesia

Pizza Hut Indonesia has been established since 1984 as a pioneer of pizza culinary companies that are halal certified. This year, Pizza Hut Indonesia received the 2023 Halal Award from LPPOM MUI for the Favorite Halal Brand category – Category of Food Services (Food).

Pizza Hut Indonesia now operates under the auspices of PT Sarimelati Kencana Tbk. after being acquired by PT Sriboga Raturaya in 2004 and successfully listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2018. Pizza Hut Indonesia now has more than 13,000 employees in more than 600 outlets spread throughout Indonesia.

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