Plega seating by Derlot among 12 new products on Dezeen Showroom

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Dezeen Showroom: a collection of stools and benches that act as both seating and acoustic solutions is among 12 new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Plega seating collection by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Australian design brand Derlot has created a selection of seats designed to be moved around both workplace and education spaces to facilitate quiet discussion.

The seats are comprised of folding flat-pack panels made from compressed polyester felt that contains 60 per cent recycled content, according to Derlot.

Plega was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom alongside a slimline table lamp with a swivelling spherical head and a collection of office chairs upholstered in contrasting materials.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Madco table lamp by Elisa Ossino for Ambientec

Japanese lighting brand Ambientec worked with Italian designer Elisa Ossino on a table lamp characterised by its slim, four-legged frame and rotatable head.

The Madco table lamp – which comes in five colours – has a rechargeable bulb and a waterproof design, meaning it can be used indoors or outdoors.

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Freedom x Kvadrat collection by Humanscale

Workplace furniture company Humanscale has created a run of its Freedom chairs that are upholstered in textiles by brand Kvadrat.

Chairs in the Freedom x Kvadrat collection maintain their ergonomic functionality but come in a selection of materials including Elle, a tactile fleecy material by Sahco Upholstery, as pictured.

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The Phone Booth acoustic pod by Room

Workplace furniture brand Room has created a single-person, acoustically sound booth that combines a range of sound-controlling materials and accessories that increase productivity and comfort.

The Phone Booth comes in dark and light colourways that share oak timber accents, both of which are wrapped in layers of MDF, PET felt and wool that work together to reduce noise inside the pod.

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Noho Move chair by Formway for Noho

New Zealand-based furniture brand Noho collaborated with design studio Formway on a dining chair that has the ergonomic integrity of an office task chair.

The Noho Move chair has an intuitive tilting mechanism that accommodates fidgeting and stretching, allowing seated users to work and socialise for extended periods, unlike conventional rigid dining chairs.

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Oscillation rug by David Mrugala for Azmas Rugs

Indian brand Azmas Rugs has created a rug that is decorated with evolving colour and shape gradient patterns.

The brand’s Oscillation rug comes in a selection of colourways and is hand-woven in flatweave style by artisans in Rajasthan, India.

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Full Spectrum collection by Carnegie Fabrics

American brand Carnegie Fabrics has released a number of new colours that can be applied to a selection of its existing fabrics.

The Full Spectrum collection encompasses a variety of new finishes, including single block colour Precision, Herringbone-patterned Ion and Nebula, a pattern made up of strings of individual dots.

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Solid+ tiles by Undefasa

Spanish tile company Undefasa has designed a collection of tiles that have a natural-looking texture running through them that allows their appearance to withstand scuffs and scratches.

Solid+ tiles have crystalline inclusions that further their organic appearance, and come in two styles divided into eight colours.

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EchoPanel acoustic panels by Woven Image

Australian company Woven Image have increased its EchoPanel offering by adding five new colourways.

The five new hues are named Dusk, Mint, Butter, Cayenne and Nutmeg and can be found throughout the existing collection of EchoPanels with both rounded and striped CNC-cut patterns.

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Valencia modular seating by Morgan

British furniture brand Morgan has released a modular sofa that has tapered backrests reminiscent of rolling hills.

Valencia modular seating comes in a selection of upholstery options and is supported by splayed timber legs.

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Elements Hush Blocks by 3form

American material company 3form has increased its wall-mounted acoustic panel offering by releasing Hush Blocks.

The blocks come in four thicknesses and can be mounted in various arrangements to create tactile three-dimensional effects.

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Oloïd acoustic lighting by Atelier Oï for Impact Acoustic

Swiss design studio Atelier Oï collaborated with acoustic product brand Impact Acoustic on a sculptural lighting fixture that also has sound-dampening qualities.

Oloïd acoustic lighting comes in 32 colours and has a complex, pleated appearance reminiscent of lanterns.

Find out more about Oloïd ›

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