Precioso Holds Love + Memories Near Using Colorful Stone Offcuts

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“The name Precioso comes from thinking about the people and things that we hold dear to our hearts, the idea of caring and cherishing our loved ones,” explained designer Stephen Burks about the new two-piece collaborative collection for Salvatori. “It’s also about slowing down. We live in a world that moves so quickly that we often don’t have time to grasp the true wonder of the natural world that surrounds us. And, of course, stone is part of that. It’s the foundation of the Earth itself, and therefore absolutely precious. The photo frame is where we keep images of our loved ones, while the vase represents our love of nature.”

Precioso, Salvatori’s latest accessories collection, allowed Burks to explore this theme, building upon his first collaboration with the brand in 2021, the Friends and Neighbors mirrors, which share the same commitment to sustainability and caring for one’s neighbors. With Precioso, Salvatori embraces a language of diversity and individuality, as reflected back to us in the patchworks of uniquely individual stones.

The collection’s vase uses four rectangles of various heights that are combined to form a rectangular cylinder, a glass insert is placed inside to hold water. The frame is constructed with four rectangles of the same varying stone types and colors, and can be used in both portrait and landscape formats.

The vase and picture frame are crafted from a colorful palette of natural stones, including Verde Guatemala green, Giallo Siena yellow, and Rosso Francia red, juxtaposed against classic Bianco Carrara and Nero Marquinia. All of the stone has been sourced from production offcuts, which lines up with the brand’s respect for the precious material, championing sustainable design, and reducing waste.

“I’m thrilled to once again work with Salvatori on a project that puts the spotlight on diversity and showcases its direct connection to sustainability, as well as its inherent beauty through the incredible color palette provided by natural stone” says Burks.

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