Queclink Unveils GV57MG Plus: Next-Generation Waterproof Tracker for Reliable Equipment Monitoring

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SHANGHAI, Dec. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Queclink, the world-leading provider of IoT devices and solutions, announced today the release of their latest GNSS tracker, the GV57MG Plus. This cutting-edge product builds upon the success of its predecessor, the GV57MG, and features an upgraded battery capacity to provide long-term tracking capabilities for equipment, motorcycles, and vehicles.

Queclink Launches GV57MG Plus for Equipment Tracking and Monitoring

Leveraging the power of 4G LTE Cat M1/NB2 cellular technology and supporting 2G fallback, the GV57MG Plus boasts low power consumption, longer standby time, and a waterproof casing. These features make the GV57MG Plus a stable and reliable solution for uninterrupted equipment monitoring that is essential for equipment rental businesses worldwide.

Additionally, the device supports BLE 5.1, which allows various external accessories to be connected and greatly enhances the overall functionality of the device. With Bluetooth functionality, the device is made applicable in even more scenarios, including motorcycle monitoring, automobile finance, and stolen vehicle recovery.

When choosing equipment monitoring solutions, factors such as power consumption, durability, and cost control play a vital role. The GV57MG Plus sets itself apart from the previous GV57MG with a larger battery capacity of 1400 mAh battery. With a standby time of up to 220 hours even when reporting every 5 minutes, this new addition to the series ensures prolonged usability while minimizing maintenance costs.

To meet the demand for continuous tracking and monitoring when the equipment is not at work, Queclink’s new GV57MG Plus also supports ultra-low power consumption during sleep mode. This design guarantees minimal power consumption when the equipment is idle, thereby reducing the risk of battery drain.

Given that equipment and machines may operate in various outdoor environments, industrial settings and harsh surroundings, durability is paramount. The GV57MG Plus is equipped with an IP67-rated waterproof casing, safeguarding its internal electronic components from rainwater, mud, or splashes. This means that the device can work in humid conditions for extended periods of time without being damaged.

Reliable equipment monitoring holds significant influence over the operations of equipment rental business and the security of individual’s motorcycles or vehicles. With extensive experience in GNSS tracking and strong research and development capabilities in wireless communication, Queclink is well-positioned and experienced in this domain, and its GV57MG Plus fully prepared to address the clients’ needs.

Looking ahead, the company remains committed to understanding market demands and forging close collaborations with global partners and clients to unlock smarter operations and enable easier asset management in an increasingly connected world.


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