Quickly Create Compost + Keep Stench at Bay With Mill

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Do you compost? Food from home kitchens is the largest contributor to landfills, and is responsible for as much as 8% of global greenhouse emissions. Enter Mill, an odorless kitchen bin that automatically recycles food scraps into clean, dry grounds that can satisfy other purposes.

This bin wastes nothing, composting your meat, dairy, bones, peels – even the forgotten leftovers in the very back of the fridge. At the same time, an odorless filtration system keeps offensive smells away. Long story short, Mill makes it easy to prevent food waste at home, keeping unused food and scraps out of landfills and making you feel better about individual efforts to curb climate change.

Aside from environmental good, Mill is also better for you – fewer chores, no more smelly garbage bags that drip across the floor, and nothing to attract pesky fruit flies. As you add food scraps to the bin each day, Mill dries and grinds them overnight. The bin can accommodate 35-45 pounds of wet scraps before it needs to be emptied, taking most families an average of 2-4 weeks to fill it.

Once your bin is full, you have a few options: use the compost at home, donate it to a local composting program, or send the grounds back to Mill to be turned into chicken feed. The connected device includes an app that makes management easy, allowing you to receive updates and schedule pick ups from your screen.

Additionally, you’ll receive personalized impact tracking that includes how many pounds of waste you’ve diverted from the landfill, emissions avoided, and how many chickens your grounds can feed! Impressively, Mill’s preliminary study shows that using the service can avoid a half-ton of greenhouse gas emissions per year. It’s a wonderful feeling to create less waste and give your uneaten food a second life.

To learn more about the Mill kitchen composting bin, visit mill.com.

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