RAIR Technologies Launches RAIR.market, a White-label Web3 Marketplace and Integrated Management Platform for Enterprises

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Turnkey marketplace features seamless minting on any EVM, secure media distribution, and a branded UI for desktop and mobile with no code required

WILMINGTON, DE, Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RAIR Technologies (https://rair.info), today announced the release of its first production-ready product suite, RAIR.market. From asset creation, to implementing DRM, royalties, and marketplace trade and execution, RAIR.market helps enterprises manage the full digital asset lifecycle in one secure white-label solution. RAIR.market empowers enterprises to own their Web3 future.

“Whether it’s tokenizing assets, managing media, interactive marketing, supply chain authenticity, or royalties tracking, Web3 is everywhere; however enterprises looking to leverage its upside are struggling to integrate Web3 into their existing products and workflows,” said Ed Prado, CEO of RAIR Technologies. “RAIR.market addresses these challenges, giving enterprises an edge with our patent-pending DRM, facial recognition, and off-chain analytics engine that are only available on our marketplace.” 

To create digital assets, RAIR.market provides a gas efficient minting engine to mint seamlessly on any EVM or upcoming ZK-EVM, as well as the ability to add custom metadata and control royalties with custom splits and on-chain payouts. The white-label marketplace includes a fully customizable, branded user interface for desktop and mobile.

RAIR.market also provides a secondary marketplace to buy and sell collections with royalty protection. Additionally, its asset management features include a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) compliant streaming engine, a fully documented API for easy implementation, plus a low-friction wallet manager with social login capability using ERC4337, native Web3 wallet support, and fiat integration.

“Web3 is a rapidly expanding industry that will transform the way enterprises generate revenue, but the biggest challenge thus far has been how difficult Web3 is to use,” said Garrett Minks, CTO of RAIR Technologies. “RAIR.market makes Web3 seamless for enterprises to manage with a branded, engaging experience all while protecting their critical proprietary data.”

RAIR.market is available for enterprises now. To learn more, please visit https://rair.info/

RAIR Technologies (https://rair.info/) product suite RAIR.market helps enterprises seamlessly manage digital assets from creation to customer sale. From minting, to securing DRM, royalties, and marketplace trade and execution, navigate the full digital asset lifecycle in one secure white-label solution. RAIR empowers enterprises to own their Web3 future. 

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