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Dezeen Showroom: Romanian natural stone brand Piatraonline has launched a collection of textured surfaces created by etching graphic patterns into granite and marble.

The Raw stone collection from Piatraonline contains more than 100 different textures that can be cut into custom shapes and sizes.

More than 100 different textures are available as part of the collection

Colours in the collection range from neutral greys to bolder shades like black and rust, with no two pieces exactly the same.

The high-tech processing technique means that the slabs are significantly thinner than conventional stone surfaces, using less material and making them easier to install.

Raw is intended to work with the ruggedness of natural stone

“Using state-of-the-art technology the stone surface is finished to reveal the full depths of its character,” said Piatraonline managing partner Mariana-Bradescu Constantinescu.

“Unlike classic, perfectly polished, high-gloss finishes, the force, boldness and ruggedness of the Raw collection conveys a contemporary look to any interior design project.”

Colours range from soothing neutrals to more dramatic shades

Granite and marble with a variety of grains is handpicked for the collection and processed using different pattern combinations.

The materials’ durability means the product is suitable for high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms, or external use such as building facades.

Product: Raw stone collection
Brand: Piatraonline
Contact: arhikit@piatraonline.ro

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