Reelables Launches Active Bluetooth 4”x 8” Shipping Label

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First Tracking Device Now Completely Integrated into Standard Shipping Label for Precise Piece Level Tracking of Cargo Worldwide

LONDON, Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reelables announced today the launch of its new active Bluetooth 4”x 8” shipping label. Now logistics providers, cargo forwarders, manufacturers and retailers can print shipping labels with an integrated Bluetooth tracker and easily trace cargo through the supply chain without any extra software integration or need to match shipments to tracking devices.

Reelables first launched its Bluetooth label in 2019; it was the only print to activate Bluetooth labels on the market. Today millions of Reelables’ labels are being printed and deployed around the world tracking point-to-point visibility and giving businesses a single source of truth for where their cargo is that is consistent and reliable across different modes of transport and transportation providers. The labels actively track when cargo arrives and departs from a facility, what exact cargo is on a truck, and when individual pieces of a consignment or shipment split from each other.

Now Reelables has launched a 4”x 8” active Bluetooth shipping label which means cargo forwarders can simply print their regular shipping label and it is now automatically integrated with Bluetooth tracking. The tracking reference is extracted and linked in the Cloud to the physical label. Cargo forwarders who print standard shipping labels throughout the day can for the first time instead now print smart trackable shipping labels to go on every piece of cargo without making any change to their workflow.

“We are excited to officially launch this new version of our Bluetooth label which has consolidated the shipping label and tracking device into one standard 4”x 8” label that goes directly onto cargo,” said Brian Krejcarek, CEO and Co-Founder of Reelables. “Our customers get real-time visibility at a piece level throughout the supply chain and now it is all part of a standard shipping label. There is no change to the customers’ workflow; instead, when they print shipping labels they are now Bluetooth-enabled and instantly trackable.”

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About Reelables
Reelables makes the only printable 5G label available in the world. It is the first company to achieve mass production of a brand-new category of thin film, wireless smart labels with coated batteries that are flexible enough to be printed on in off-the-shelf barcode printers and fully disposable after use. Offering both paper-thin Bluetooth and 5G smart labels, Reelables automates supply chain and logistics visibility at scale for logistics providers, retailers and manufacturers, providing exact shipment location and inventory counts for each item without the need to manually scan barcodes or read RFIDs. Its ability to track shipments and inventory at the item level helps companies reduce theft and loss and increase accountability. Reelables is headquartered in London and backed by Y Combinator and 500S. Learn more at

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