Refurbishing Your Sofa? See What’s in and What’s Out

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The DIY spirit is alive and well in the world of sofa refurbishing. More and more people are taking on refurbishing projects themselves, enjoying the experience of adding their personal touch to every detail.

So, if you’re looking to refurbishing your sofa take a look at our guide to what’s in and what’s out. Today, it’s about embracing modern design elements, sustainable practices, and creating the ultimate in personalization to transform your old sofa into a piece that perfectly represents you.

Keeping Up With the Trends

In: Sustainable Materials

In the era of eco-conscious living, sustainability is a big deal. Refurbishing your sofa with sustainable materials like organic fabrics, recycled foam and using more ‘friendly’ adhesives is not only in fashion, but also environmentally responsible. Look for upholstery materials that have been certified as eco-friendly, and consider repurposing or upcycling wherever possible to reduce waste.

Out: Mass-Produced Furniture

Mass-produced furniture isn’t the first choice if you’re looking to showcase your personality. Go for quality over quantity and find those furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. Invest in a refurbished sofa that you can make your own and cherish for years to come. That said, if you can prevent a piece of flat pack furniture becoming a victim of landfill, then even better.

In: Bold Colours and Patterns

While neutral colours are often a safer choice, bold and vibrant colours are making a strong comeback in furniture design. What’s more, eye-catching patterns like florals, geometric shapes and abstract designs can bring your unique personality and flair to refurbished sofas. You can really make a statement.

Out: Monotone and Bland Designs

In contrast to the above monochrome and neutral sofa colours and patterns are growing outdated. Sofas that disappear into the background are being replaced by statement sofas that become the focal point of the room.

In: Mixing Old and New Elements

Today it’s popular to mix old and new elements in furniture refurbishment. For example, reupholstering a vintage sofa with a contemporary fabric or adding modern sofa legs to an antique piece. Mixing different eras and styles creates a really interesting and eclectic look.

Out: Cookie-Cutter Furniture Sets

That means using matching furniture sets is giving way to the more personalized and mixed approach. Instead of buying an entire set, choose individual pieces that showcase your unique tastes and preferences. Then make your refurbished sofa the anchor of a room, which allows you to mix and match other furniture items to your personal taste.

In: Hybrid Styles and Multifunctional Sofas

Not strictly refurbishing, but hybrid styles combine the best of different design worlds. Multifunctional sofas that can transform into beds, have built-in storage or incorporate tech features like USB charging ports are becoming the style of choice. These pieces offer practicality without sacrificing style, so it’s worth considering.

Out: Bulky and Overstuffed Sofas

Slimmer, more streamlined designs that maximise seating while minimising the sofa’s footprint are now the preference. Go small and many – but obviously not at the expense of comfort. Don’t forget, if you need to use it as a seat, comfort is the most important bit.

In: Vintage and Retro

Vintage and retro aesthetics have been popular for ages. Refurbishing a sofa with a nostalgic touch, such as mid-century modern legs or a vintage-inspired fabric, can add timeless charm to your living space, while funnily enough making you uber trendy.

Out: Ultra-Modern Minimalism

While minimalism is still appreciated, the stark and ultra-modern minimalist designs are losing ground in the trend stakes. If you’re looking for character and personality in your refurbishment, you’re also bang on trend.

Final Thoughts

Your personal taste is just that, so trends aside, it’s you that has to look at your sofa or other furniture on a daily basis. But, if you want some inspiration, then looking at the latest trends is a great place to get ideas.

So, whether you’re planning a refurbishment project or just love to keep your space fashionable, the ideas above offer inspiration for creating a stunning and stylish living space. Break out the nail gun.

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