Rest Your Book – and Not Much Else – on the Triangle Side Table

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A clever design to help avoid the clutter that horizontal surfaces seem to invite, the Triangle Side Table all but eliminates the possibility. Designed by SouleWork, the side table does hold space for the book you’re currently reading – it will even save your place – and a ledge to put down the beverage of your choice. There’s a small, grooved indent for a writing instrument and an open interior space that can accommodate a few coffee table books, a plant, or even a small pet bed. Beveled edges, decorative yet functional splines, and a minimal base finish off the sharply shaped piece of furniture that any minimalist will love.

SouleWorks founder, Matthew Soule, shared that the Triangle Side Table was inspired by his three-year-old’s wooden toy blocks. “We would build many things, and the triangle caught my attention because it’s not something that shows ups very often in interiors,” he said. In the spirit of SouleWorks’ experimental and innovative approach to design, once he realized the shape could hold a book in a clever way, the piece was born.

Video by DOPE Productions

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Photography by Design Imaging Studios.

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