Revision Path: Manny Ikomi

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I love that Manny Ikomi has adopted a philosophy of “lift as you climb” as it relates to his career. Manny works as a UX design consultant for IBM iX, but he’s also a design educator and even streams some of his personal web development and UX projects on Twitch. It was great chatting it up and learning about how he balances his work with community outreach.

We started off diving into Manny’s journey from discovering interactive design and UX, to hitting a career ceiling and pursuing further education. Manny also spoke about teaching at his alma mater, his aspirations on working for public sector institutions, and his podcast Gay, Geeky + Tired. Hopefully Manny’s story will inspire you to make a positive impact in the world!


Gay, Geeky + Tired

Manny Ikomi’s Website

Manny Ikomi on LinkedIn

Manny Ikomi on Polywork

Manny Ikomi on Twitch

Manny Ikomi on Twitter / X

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