Riding the Tide of the Times The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show Will Be Inaugurated in the Coming November

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XIAMEN, China, Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show (hereinafter referred to as “Xiamen International Boat Show”) will be grandly inaugurated on November 10 at Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina. Xiamen International Boat Show, as a part of IFBSO (International Federation of Boat Show Organisers) boat shows and one of the important supporting activities of Xiamen World Ocean Week, has been held at Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina every November since 2008. Having been successfully held for 15 times, Xiamen International Boat Show has become an annual composite international boat show integrating “exhibitions, forums, events and activities”, being known as the most influential “water-land linkage” boat show in China.

This year’s exhibition, with the theme of “New Coastal Life” and the positioning of an open and experiential water-land linkage boat show, will showcase ship brands and beachfront cultural tourism products at home and abroad in the style of marine leisure, organize rich forms of marine cultural experience activities, and create unique style coastal and on-site activities.

A Boat Show with Many Highlights and Exhibitors
This year’s exhibition will adopt the mode of online display and offline experience. The offline land and water exhibition area will reach 40,000m2, with five exhibition areas including land exhibition area, water exhibition area, sailing experience area, boat experience area and food carnival. The exhibits will include super boats, luxury boats, flybridge boats, sports boats, fishing boats, ski boats, sail boats, motor boats, as well as today’s popular pure electric boats, solar boats and other new energy boat types. It is expected that over 60 boats will make a wonderful appearance, and over 100 various OP, Topper, and Flying Tiger sailboats will compete on the spot, with participating brands covering China, the United States, Italy, Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries and regions.

Up to now, agents of imported brands such as Speedo Marine, Moon Ocean, DCH Boats, Jetset Marine, Omnia Marine, Adeline Yachts, and Wu Marine have confirmed their participation, which will bring internationally renowned brand boats such as Riva, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Monterey, Delphia, Flipper, Saxdor, Parker, Beneteau Antares, MasterCraft, Nautique, and Malibu. Asia’s only Azimut Grande S10 is about to make its grand debut. Domestic manufacturers such as Yihong, Gold Luck, Hanhai, Hangtong, Huanzhu, Red Dragon, Ocean Master, Whaler, and Fujian Shidai New Energy will showcase their strength. In addition, many accessories and service providers such as Chi Fu Mon, Ironrock sailing, Hasda Electric, Hengwei Electronic, Xuanlan Technology, Jianhao Sports, Heng Feng Long, Bolon Shipping Equipment, Raymarine, Shending Intelligent Technology, Dongying Haipu, Wuyuan Yacht Culture and Oceanway have also confirmed to participate in the exhibition. More exhibitors are actively confirming.

A Platform for Industrial Exchange, Focusing on Industry and Highlighting Professionalism
Xiamen International Boat Show has always been paying attention to the development trend and hot spots of the industry, and strives to play its role as a platform for industrial exchange, providing ideas and broadening horizons for the development of the industry.

The concept of “yacht +” will be completely upgraded. In addition to showcasing peripheral products such as boats and boat accessories, this year’s exhibition will also introduce sports and leisure industry exhibits to visualize the development trend and richness of “New Coastal Life”. For the first time, enterprises and projects such as Geneinno unmanned underwater intelligent equipment, Hainan Shenxing electric hydrofoiler, Jiangsu Nauticn water surfing and ziplining, and Shanghai Sonic characteristic houseboat will be introduced for on-site exhibition and promotion. The three internationally renowned motorboat brands, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Bombardier, are expected to debut at the same time, empowering the “yacht +” lifestyle.

New energy boats have been the focus of industry attention in the past two years. At this exhibition, Fujian Shidai New Energy will make its debut with a solar-powered unmanned boat developed in collaboration with Jimei University and a unique water bus. Whether in energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar technology, or in leading the future of unmanned technology, this boat will demonstrate the technology of Fujian Shidai New Energy and the scientific research strength of Jimei University.

The forum has always been one of the most distinctive activities of the Xiamen International Boat Show. The theme of each forum is in line with the current development of the boat market and the urgent problems to be solved, and this year is no exception. To promote the rapid, healthy and sustainable development of the boat industry in China, this Xiamen International Boat Show will hold a boat industry development forum with the theme of “How to Build a World-Class Leisure and Sailing Tourism Port in Xiamen“, focusing on market demand and possessing an international perspective. In view of the most cutting-edge technologies and topics in the industry, industry experts, scholars and representatives of relevant enterprises will be invited to deeply discuss the advantages of the leisure boat industry and jointly explore the future development of China’s boat economy.

In addition, to give full play to the role of Xiamen International Boat Show as an industrial exchange platform, this year’s exhibition will also invite exhibitors to fully display their exhibits and exchange through this exhibition platform. Professional supporting and marketing activities such as project promotion, new product launches, brand night and exchange receptions will be carried out to provide exhibitors with a stage to showcase their brands and inject vitality into industrial development.

Exciting Activities: Enjoying the Infinite Possibilities of New Coastal Life
Since 2019, Xiamen International Boat Show has been focusing on the purpose of “New Coastal Life”, and actively exploring the transition from boat equipment exhibitions to boat lifestyle exhibitions. In the past few years, Xiamen International Boat Show has continuously enriched its exhibition activities, actively created a carnival of coastal life, enhanced public participation and interest, and led the new fashion of coastal life.

This Xiamen International Boat Show will further open the border and integrate the concept of “yacht +”. Not only will there be band performances, sailing cruises, fancy cocktail performances and other exciting activities to bring the audience an audio-visual feast, but also two major events, the “Ocean Star Cup” Youth Sailing Race and the “Soctopus Cup” Sailing Race, will be staged, allowing the audience to experience the charm of sailing that has become increasingly popular in recent years. In addition, coastal life scenes such as paddle boards, kayaks, hydrofoils, net celebrity pedal boats, wake surfing, and yacht night banquets will be dedicated on-site to provide the public with a diversified project experience and allow them to personally experience the charm of the new coastal life.

In addition to the above wonderful activities, this Xiamen International Boat Show will also prepare surprise benefits for visitors. Follow the official account of “Xiamen International Boat Show” to participate in limited-time ticket grabbing, welfare lottery and other activities, and enjoy the yacht sailing experience for free. Coastal life is that simple.

Over the past 15 years, Xiamen International Boat Show has been developing with the boat industry and enterprises, constantly adjusting its strategy and positioning according to market changes, and always striving to build a professional exchange platform for the industry, contributing to the development of the boat industry in Xiamen and even in China.

The 16th China (Xiamen) International Boat Show
November 10-13, 2023
Xiamen Wuyuan Bay Yacht Marina



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