Score a drawing tablet AND stylus for under £50 in last-minute Christmas deal

If you’re looking for a great creative gift for Christmas, we’ve found a brilliant deal for you. Right now you can get the Huion H1060P for under £50, down from £54.98 to just £46.73 over at Amazon. This is a fantastic, sturdy drawing tablet, and can deliver in time for Christmas.

The Huion H1060P is an entry level drawing tablet, but it’s also one that many pros use, as it’s inexpensive and does the job of digital sketching brilliantly. It works with any PC or Mac, smartphone or tablet, and with its battery-free stylus, you’ll be creating in no time at all.

If you’re looking for a more advanced option, check out our list of the best drawing tablets. But if you like the look of this tablet deal, jump on it to get it for Christmas.

The best drawing tablet deal for Christmas: UK

Huion H1060P: £54.98 £46.73 at Amazon
Save $8.25:
This is a great entry-level drawing tablet with some high-end features. Pros may need a larger screen but newcomers will love it. Go on, ‘get it for a friend’.

The best drawing tablet deal for Christmas: US

Gaomon M10K2018: $75.99 $59.99 at Amazon
Save $16:
In the US, the best deal on an entry level drawing tablet is definitely this Gaomon tab, with 21% taken off. The 10 x 6-inches tab also includes a batter-free stylus.

Not in the US or the UK? Here are some money-saving drawing tablet deals for you no matter where you are…

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