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Veronese continues to challenge itself to push the brand’s glass mastery further and further. In the case of the limited edition Patchwork vessel collection, designed by Dan Yeffet, the vision challenged the technique. Both Yeffet and Ruben Jochimek, Veronese’s creative director, knew the level of difficulty from the start, and spent months figuring out how it would actually work. And then, they created it.

One of the main challenges was determining the precise temperature where the mold-blown base vessel and molten glass patches would fuse, without breaking or melting. The glass patches on the pieces include various thicknesses and shapes, allowing the glass itself to tell the story of each creation and adding depth to their stories.

Jochimek personally got involved in the process, working the cane with Murano artisans to produce the pieces in batches with spontaneously chosen colors and textures. He lived this one-of-a-kind experience as a gesture of trust and friendship after years of silent collaboration with the artisans and a passion for the unpredictable material.

Jochimek shared, “This peak moment of collaboration was the most exciting part of this project for Veronese. Getting on the floor, side-by-side with the artisans we’ve worked with countless times, and experiencing with them the pressure and heat was a moment of pride. To know that Veronese has built such trusting relations with the artisans opens more doors for creativity to flourish even further.”

Yeffet followed Jochimek’s instinct and knowledge of the process and material, seeking to “let the organic nature of the Murano glass lead the way and see where it would take me.” The spontaneous imperfections make each Patchwork vessel truly one-of-a-kind, numbered with Yeffet’s signature.

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