Serhiy Tokarev: New Opportunities for Ukrainian IT Specialists

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A great job has been done during the war in Ukraine to support AI development. Different initiatives and companies have invested in this field and have created various projects to help IT specialists grow and individuals obtain more knowledge and skills. AI HOUSE is one of the biggest AI communities in the country that regularly conducts insightful workshops for Ukrainian IT specialists. Serhiy Tokarev, co-founder of Roosh, shared the forthcoming event from the AI for Ukraine initiative.

Roosh, together with AI HOUSE, has launched the educational charitable project AI for Ukraine in 2022. The main goal of such a project was to support AI/ML specialists during challenging times. According to Serhiy Tokarev, this year, the initiative has prepared a series of lectures and workshops from prominent experts in AI and ML.

“Last year, despite the air alerts and shelling, our AI HOUSE team decided to support Ukrainian AI/ML specialists during challenging times. That is why we organized the educational event AI for Ukraine. At that time, we got incredible support from the global tech community and their interest in collaborating with Ukrainian specialists. This year, we have prepared the second season of AI for Ukraine with a clear goal: to provide access to the knowledge, insights, and experience of top global AI/ML experts,” emphasized Tokarev.

The lectures will be held by experienced specialists from OpenAI, Google, INRIA, Stripe, and the University of Oxford. Serhiy Tokarev highlights that the project is available not only for IT specialists but also for individuals interested in this field. To participate in the lectures and workshops, one needs to fill out the application. Here is the program for the upcoming event:

Lukasz Kaiser from OpenAI was the speaker in the first lecture. He discussed the creation of GPT-4 and ChatGPT and shared insights into the future of Artificial Intelligence. The lecture was conducted on November 2.

Gael Varoquaux from INRIA is the speaker in the second lecture dedicated to representation learning on relational data to automate data preparation. It will be held on November 15.

The last workshop will be hosted by Victoria Oliynyk from the University of Oxford. The key focus of this workshop is on content generation using Artificial Intelligence. It will be available on November 29.

All lectures are available for free and in English. However, the project organizers encourage participants to donate for viewed content. In such a way, the initiative contributes the funds raised to the charitable organization Reactive Post, which has been supporting Ukrainian artillerymen since 2014. The recommended donation amount is $10 per video.

Serhiy Tokarevalso notices that the educational charitable project AI for Ukraine helps raise funds to support the Ukrainian Army. Last year, the project managed to raise 320,000 hryvnias, which were donated to the charitable fund Come Back Alive.

AI HOUSE is a non-profit organization striving to build the largest and most powerful AI community in Ukraine to foster the emergence of new product-oriented AI startups and the development of the AI industry and the technology sector at large. 

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