Seven student-designed garments from Dezeen’s Pinterest

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Looking back on the 2022/2023 academic year, we present some of the most intriguing fashion student design projects recently pinned on Dezeen’s School Shows Pinterest board.

This roundup presents 10 design projects from our School Show Pinterest board. The selected pieces and collections showcase how designers can use pioneering materials, as well as present social and personal commentary.

This roundup includes international universities such as Lucerne School of Art and Design, Parsons School of Design, University of East LondonSavannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and University of the Arts London.

Scroll down to see ten projects from textiles and fashion design courses, and browse our School Shows board to view more.

Recycled Denim Puffer Project by Xijun Liao

Textile design student Xijun Liao collected scraps of material from denim factories and reworked them into puffer jackets.

The Recycled Denim Puffer Project aims to showcase the versatility of fabric offcuts and demonstrate how they can be used in the wider fashion industry.

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Caught in a Sweet Sleep Paralysis by Catarina Magalhães

During her time studying fashion and textile design, Catarina Magalhães took cues from the processes of dreaming and sleep paralysis in the making of this garment.

The corset comprises a red heart with white edging that conceals the wearer’s torso with exaggerated hips below. Ombre tights, red kitten heels and white gloves complete the outfit.

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Reclaimed by Nature by Zoe Stephens

Fashion design student Zoe Stephens used only reclaimed materials for this garment, which recalls the fading industrial history of Cornwall.

Their wider collection combines feminine and utilitarian aesthetics, and comments on the contrast between human-made structures and forces of nature.

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Print à Porter by Giulio Gallana

While studying textiles, student Giulio Gallana created a way in which textile substrates can be recovered from waste fabric and reused.

The fragments were then printed and reassembled into new garments, demonstrating how offcuts of material can be reused in new ways.

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A Garment to Trust by Morgan Griffiths Hagan

Textile design student Morgan Griffiths Hagan took cues from Brutalist buildings for this workwear garment.

A Garment to Trust aims to provide the wearer with an item of clothing that departs from fashion’s current-day throwaway culture by providing clothing that is sturdy and timeless.

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The Beauty of Monster by Lai Ying Wong and Man Ling Cheung

Students Lai Ying Wong and Man Ling Cheung satirised cosmetic surgery and contemporary beauty standards in this look.

Bandage-like fabric, distorted and exaggerated proportions and a breast-implanted corset that imitates human skin comment on the pressure women feel in society to look a certain way.

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Queen but not Queen by Ah Sin Yeung

During their time studying costume design, Ah Sin Yeung drew influences from the design of characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Queen but not Queen also takes cues from video game culture and how the two combine.

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