Shigeru Ban designs Infinite Maldives resort around landscaped gardens

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Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has designed Infinite Maldives, a “resort residence” in the Maldives that will feature gardens and rows of houses on the water made from timber and locally sourced materials.

The five-hectare resort will be located within the Malé Atoll and designed to “embrace the Maldivian vernacular,” Shigeru Ban Architects said.

It will comprise 44 villas set on a beach and over the water, connected by a long wooden bridge. The houses will surround four gardens by landscape architect Michael Desvigne and be built using timber and locally sourced materials.

Wooden villas will be located along a long bridge

Ban designed the Infinite Maldives resort to blend in with the surrounding Indian Ocean.

Renders show double rows of houses facing each other across a long, wooden bridge that leads to a plot of land with an amorphous central building.

“What makes Infinite Maldives unique is that the resort blends in with the sea and the green nature in an ‘infinite’ manner,” Ban said.

“To minimise the amount of transport and energy for construction and material production, we use various innovative pre-fabrication methods and focus on applying lightweight materials as well as recycled materials,” he added.


“I always avoid designing something fashionable” says Shigeru Ban

Ban also said the project would be a “true act of sustainability” because of its harmonious relationship with its surroundings.

“In contrast to many developments selling ‘sustainability’ just as a label in the commercial sense, our aim is to create a place where people can relax mentally and physically, in harmony with the environment, taking in all its value,” the architect said.

“This makes the project a true act of sustainability,” he continued.

Infinite Maldives is being designed for Sri Lankan developer Crystal Property Group and will have a spa, fitness centre and wellness facilities. It will also have private spaces for the resort’s residents, with each house complete with its own infinity pool and outdoor lounging spaces.

The resort will have a spa, fitness centre and wellness facilities

“We are proud to be delivering the first resort residence and one-of-a-kind opportunity in the Maldives, which is a huge milestone for the country and a great achievement for us,” said Crystal Property Group CEO Reza Magdon Ismail.

“This is an extraordinary project located in a very special part of the world and alongside its home, we believe Infinite Maldives will truly stand as a testament to the wonders of all the island has to offer,” he added.

Elsewhere, Ban recently brought his Paper Log House to Morocco in the wake of the country’s devastating earthquake. Earlier this year, he spoke to Dezeen about why he always “avoids designing something fashionable”.

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