Shining Acrobatics in Hebei丨Hardworking Foreign Learners

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SHIJIAZHUANG, China, Dec. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from Great Wall New Media:

The Hebei Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School began in 2022 to undertake the task of aiding foreign countries in acrobatics. Over the past two decades, it has helped train nearly 500 acrobatic artists for 23 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America, making it a dream destination for acrobats from various nations.


This year, Hebei Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School has initiated the training cource on acrobtatics for developing countries and admitted 18 acrobatics students from Sierra Leone, Cambodia and Laos. They have undergone a three-month program of study and training here. How do these foreign trainees feel about their journey to Wuqiao? Let’s take a look.

Supervising Producer: Wang Yuelu
Chief Producer: Li Yao
Producers: Yang Jianmin, Zhang Jian
Choreographer-director: Zheng Bai
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Editors: Wang Shouyi, Kang Ning
Script Translators: Song Lifang, Mi Wenting(Intern)
Text proofreaders: Zheng Bai, Li Shi (Intern)
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Hebei Wuqiao Acrobatic Art School

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