Shinsegae Duty Free Unveils ‘Paul and Bani’ Characters in Collaboration with Off-White

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SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Shinsegae Duty Free proudly presents its captivating self-produced characters, ‘Paul and Bani.’

These artist characters, Paul and Bani, embark on an inspiring journey that bridges the world of art, fashion, and travel.

Shinsegae Duty Free Unveils ‘Paul and Bani’ Characters in Collaboration with Off-White

Paul, the introspective and detail-oriented artist, uses art and music as a means of self-expression, while Bani, a fashion-savvy global ambassador, passionately explores the realms of fashion and music. Together, they will serve as the emblematic representatives of Shinsegae Duty Free, embodying the brand’s commitment to sophistication and style.

Bani’s fashion expertise takes center stage as she initiates a groundbreaking collaboration with the renowned global brand, Off-White available exclusively at the Shinsegae Duty Free Myeongdong store from November 1st to 30th.

Shinsegae Duty Free Myeongdong Bani X Off-White pop-up

The pop-up store on the 10th floor, Iconic Zone, at Shinsegae Duty Free’s Myeongdong location features a ‘Bani Photo Spot,’ offering customers an opportunity to capture memories with a life-sized Bani dressed in the exclusive Off-White collaboration pieces. Visitors can also delve into the story of this remarkable partnership through a compelling video presentation.

A highlight of the pop-up store is the ‘Seoul City Garment’ T-shirt by Off-White, specially crafted for global distribution, promising to be a must-have item. Alongside this iconic piece, customers can explore six other unique fashion items, including the ‘Out of Office’ sneakers, ‘Glove Slip On’ sneakers inspired by motorcycle gloves, ‘Jitney 1.4 Top Quote’ handbag, ‘Zip Tie Clutch’ cowhide clutch, ‘Fuzzy Mohair Scarf’ maxi scarf made from soft mohair, and ‘Mini Arrow Earrings’ with a minimalist design.

To further extend the Paul and Bani experience, Shinsegae Duty Free will unveil the ‘Paul&BaniXOff-White’ edition of 3D KakaoTalk emoticons in November. These special edition emoticons will be available for free download to users who add the Shinsegae Duty Free channel on KakaoTalk.

An official spokesperson from Shinsegae Duty Free expressed, “Shinsegae Duty Free is committed to continually engaging our customers through artistic endeavors. ‘Paul and Bani’ are at the forefront of this collaboration project with Off-White, and their artistic and musical personas will forge a deeper connection with our cherished customers.”

These enchanting characters, ‘Paul and Bani,’ were conceived with the intention of promoting positive impact, sustainable travel, socially responsible actions, and the exploration of new inspiration and beauty, aligning seamlessly with Shinsegae Duty Free’s core values.

**About Shinsegae Duty Free**

Shinsegae Duty Free is a renowned leader in the duty-free shopping industry, dedicated to delivering luxury and style to travelers from around the world. With a strong commitment to art, fashion, and travel, Shinsegae Duty Free continuously strives to provide exceptional experiences for its customers.



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